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Marine satellite TV is a convenient way to enjoy satellite TV viewing when sailing off the coast. They offer quality and reliable access to satellite communications and are designed to suit vessels of any size. Intellian has created modern looking VSAT terminals encased in robust and elegant cases and yet provide top quality services from any location.

Compatible Networks

Intellian satellite TV dishes are compatible with several different networks that include Bell TV, DirecTV, DISH Network, Shaw Direct and Telus Satellite TV. Simply choose an antenna that is configured to work with your preferred satellite TV provider. With a TV subscription in hand, you can set sail into the horizon for limitless entertainment content at your fingertips.

Intellian Range

Intellian marine satellite TV antennas offer a variety of systems for different viewing needs while keeping you connected to make use of business or recreational applications. Intellian is a top manufacturer of the best satellite antenna solutions engineered for any purpose and any location.

Intellian i-Series

For entry-level and high-end usage, marine satellite TV systems designed by Intellian are the i-Series offering affordable options for superior satellite TV reception. Small, medium, and large vessels will get optimal connectivity in coastal waters. Models in this range include the i3, i4, i5, i6, and i9 antennas that are measured between 33cm to 85cm in diameter.

Crews and passengers can kick back and relax to watch DISH Network’s Seattle Mariners channel and enjoy High Definition viewing while utilizing Intellian’s iQ2 technology that brings Quick and Quiet TV enjoyment. The Intellian systems offer a wide range search and dynamic beam tilting for instant signal tracking while reducing noise to improve connectivity.

Subscribers can choose from the entry-level model, a mid-range solution, or the top end products depending on the size of your boat and your team. The VSAT systems also come with built-in GPS.

Intellian t-Series

The higher end t-Series antennas are built for large vessels that go far offshore and these systems are ideal for commercial ships and superyachts. The t-series units come with a 3-axis stabilized design to ensure uninterrupted use for TV viewing and business-critical applications.

The t80W and t80Q are 85cm in diameter and offer both SD or HD programming from any Ku-band satellite TV service without changing the LNB or having to rewire and reconfigure the system.

The t100W and t100Q are just over 1m in size and offer outstanding performance globally. These systems also come with a universal quad LNB optimized for the European region. The t240 model offers HD and SD programming on both C-band and Ku-band frequencies which brings the ultimate experience to satellite TV when out at sea.


At American Satellite, we offer replacement domes and full installation kits that are essential as backup parts for extended travel across the oceans. In the event that anything breaks down, having a selection of spares securely packed in a convenient case will give you peace of mind and keep the on-board travelers entertained on those long voyages.

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