VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminals)

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A VSAT satellite terminal is a communications system for home, business, travel or maritime users. The antenna and transceiver transmits to an orbital satellite to access voice and data services. VSAT is used to ensure reliable communications in remote locations and at sea by providing broadband services like satellite Internet and Voice over IP (VoIP).

VSAT Solutions

Satellite VSAT systems can offer guaranteed levels of bandwidth for voice and data at broadband speeds. Canada Satellite has plenty of choice in VSAT solutions, so understanding what will suit you best is key to purchasing the right VSAT system.

If you’re traveling and need a portable VSAT solution, there are several vehicle-mounted and flyaway antennas available with automatic or manual deployment. Or, if you need a more permanent setup, there’s a wide selection of antennas in varying sizes; the bigger the antenna, the bigger the price but you get enterprise connectivity from anywhere in the world.


iNetVu offers a range of models, like the iNetVu Ka 75V and iNetVu 1200 auto-deploy antenna that’s easily configured for instant access to satellite communications from remote regions. The Cobham Explorer series, the Intellian Portable VSAT Antenna, and Paradigm Hornet units are high-end systems for high volume usability.


A VSAT system for improved Internet connectivity is a lifesaver where ground communication networks are unreliable. The VSAT range of fixed motorized systems include the iNetvu and Sitelink antennas and VSAT satellite kits that come with the necessary fittings and accessories for a complete and permanent installation.


Intellian, Cobham and KVH are leading manufacturers of VSAT satellite receivers and transmitters for maritime satellite services. Above Deck Units and Below Deck Units offer reliable and stable Internet connectivity with global coverage. These state-of-the-art marine antenna systems are robust units offering high-tech voice and data solutions.


You will find just about anything you need to support and extend your satellite VSAT systems. Whether you need a replacement iNetVu antenna, feedhorns, LNBs, BUCs (Block upconverters), controllers, routers, or switches, Canada Satellite’s VSAT accessory range has it all.

VSAT Plans

VSAT service plans are offered in C-band packages for worldwide coverage and Ku-band for local coverage. Bundles provide simultaneous data and voice communication, guaranteed data speeds with a recurring monthly subscription. Internet traffic is automatically routed from Ku-band to L-band systems (Inmarsat / Iridium) when VSAT Ku-band isn’t reachable.

Ku-Band and C-Band

Several monthly internet plans are offered with varying speeds and commitment periods. Like one of the SURF monthly internet plans that provides burstable speeds up to 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload with unlimited usage over 36 months. Alternatively, if you want a month to month package, the SiteLink Ku Band plan offers up to 10 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload.

Various bundles are also available for C-Band on 12, 24 or a 36-month contract. Transfer speeds differ from 1500 - 3000 kbps download and 256 - 384 kbps upload.

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