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Satellite phone plans for voice and data services offer flexible pricing packages for different customer needs. Postpaid and prepaid subscriptions facilitate satellite service connectivity through Inmarsat and Iridium satellite devices when GSM networks are not accessible.

SIM Cards

Satellite SIM cards work the same as terrestrial mobile phone technology where the SIM is used to transfer data, send texts, and make voice calls. The difference with satellite SIMs is they are unique to the satellite network and are only compatible with the network’s devices and handsets.

Iridium Plans

The wide selection of Iridium satellite phone plans lets you find a plan best suited to your expected consumption of satellite voice and data services.


Buy Iridium satellite phone plans in the USA for use across the world or region restricted to Australia. Iridium Everywhere offers the convenience of a full-time active satellite service without having to top-up or run the risk of low airtime credits with options from 10 - 500 minutes of included airtime.

If you don’t intend to use your satellite phone regularly and simply need airtime for backup, the Postpaid Annual offers an emergency plan that includes 10 free texts and 10 voice minutes per month and no activation fee. A once-off activation fee is required with a minimum contract of 3 months required. Rates differ between the Global and Australia plans.


Iridium satellite phone service plans for prepaid offer global and region-specific services ranging from 75 to 5,000 minutes for Iridium phones or the Iridium GO! device. Online Top Ups can be purchased through the American Satellite website by selecting the relevant voucher for the SIM type (global or regional). Prepaid plans include:

  • Global

  • Northern Lights (Canada and Alaska)

  • MENA (Middle East and North Africa)

  • Latin America

  • Africa

Region-specific prepaid SIMs are an economical option for infrequent or seasonal use. It’s possible to change regions or switch to the global plan on an existing SIM, however any remaining minutes are not carried over. Unused Iridium minutes are carried forward if you remain on the same prepaid plan within the validity period.

Inmarsat Plans

You can also buy Inmarsat satellite phone plans in the USA for global coverage (excluding the polar regions) and reliable satellite connectivity for the IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone 2 handsets.


Inmarsat’s Global Monthly Plans offer options from 30 - 150 minutes of included airtime. The North American Postpaid offers an emergency plan for backup use when traveling across Canada and Alaska. Inmarsat offers great value and competitive rates with its selection of postpaid plans.


The Inmarsat prepaid SIM card plans offer on-demand online top-up and prepaid bundles with varying units and validity periods. Choose the best plan to suit your communication requirements:

  • 50 units for 30 days

  • 150 units for 90 days

  • 250 units for 180 days

For annual plans, you can select different units:

  • 500 units

  • 1000 units

  • 2500 units

  • 5000 units

Rates are used as a certain number of units per minute for voice or units per SMS sent.

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