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Powerful marine TV antennas are designed specifically for maritime industries to deliver superior connectivity for satellite TV viewing. The range of VSAT systems include a miniature satellite antenna enclosed within a protective dome. Due to the constant movement of vessels, these high-end systems offer stabilized connectivity for optimal signal acquisition.

Satellite TV Subscriptions

High-performing marine satellite TV antennas work over different networks such as DirecTV, Bell TV, Shaw Direct, Telus, and DISH. Choose the VSAT system that operates with your preferred network to access a variety of satellite TV channels for on-demand use. The satellite systems can be used across North and Latin America Digital where transmission signals are broadcast from geostationary satellites to the vessel for access to ultimate satellite TV content.

Marine TV

KVH and Intellian sat TV systems are ideal for leisure boats, fishing vessels, and small to large fleets that want to access communication and media applications when out at sea. Crew and passengers will be able to enjoy the use of Internet services and quality entertainment content from anywhere in the world.

Marine satellite TV companies have taken big, expensive solutions and developed small and more affordable systems to offer satellite connectivity to everyone. All you need is a high-definition television set, an activated HD receiver, a compatible VSAT antenna, and a subscription with a provider to enjoy the full range of HD broadcasting. One satellite antenna can be connected to multiple TVs.


Intellian marine satellite TV is provided through high-powered VSAT systems built to withstand all types of weather and sea conditions. While bringing HD viewing content to your vessel, you will also have the added safety through features such as vessel tracking and emergency radio systems. Intellian offers a range of products from entry-level to high-end users depending on the size of the vessel and number of users on-board.

The Intellian range includes the i2, i4, i5, i6, and i9 series that incorporate innovative technology to ensure the best TV reception and satellite signal quality. Separate empty domes and baseplates are available for purchase as replacements for damaged parts. The higher end systems come with a combined Ku/C-band frequency range for data intensive applications. Intellian’s range is robust yet stylish and compact systems compatible with leading satellite providers.


The KVH TracVision TV-series is a range of superior products that allow crews and passengers to enjoy both digital HD and SD movie channels through Ku-band satellite services. KVH’s range of stabilized systems provide varying sizes, features, and options for internet and voice services through sophisticated but easy-to-use technology.

The TracVision series include VSAT systems starting from the smaller TracVision TV1 32cm antenna, the TracVision TV3 37 cm antenna, the TracVision TV5 45cm antenna, and the larger TracVision TV6 60cm antenna. The bigger the system, the stronger the performance, and the more robust it is during rough seas and bad weather. KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband HTS Network delivers global connections as fast as 20/3 Mbps (down/up) with versatile airtime plan options designed to meet your needs.

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