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A plethora of land-based solutions are available for satellite internet in the USA. These terminals can be used anywhere in the world by recreational adventurers or business operations who need continuous and reliable telecommunications. Where cable and cellular networks are inaccessible, you can always rely on satellite networks.

Satellite TV and Internet

High-performance satellite TV and internet devices have been designed for portable, vehicular, or permanent installations giving you a wide selection in satellite connectivity. Different antennas can be mounted to remote office structures or vehicle roofs, or stowed and deployed in a carry bag, ready for on-demand use.


Satellite terminals for use on land are portable, compact units designed for rugged and remote environments. They are robust for easy transport across any terrain. The IsatHub iSavi, Thuraya antennas, and BGAN terminals are small-scale units that can be quickly set up to connect a smartphone or laptop to a satellite network. Portable VSAT terminals are made for easy stowing and rapid deployment when needed.

Portable Internet Terminals

Portable Inmarsat BGAN terminals such as the Cobham Explorer, Hughes, and Harris models are appealing units due to being compact and lightweight and easily portable. BGAN offers a range of satellite capabilities to connect computers and smartphones via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet cable to access Internet and email services.

The IsatHub iSavi is a great unit to keep on hand whenever you need to establish communications through your smart devices to access the Inmarsat network. The Thuraya network also offers IP terminals that are rugged and compact for any mission-critical task.

VSAT Systems

Cobham Explorer, Intellian, iNetVu, Paradigm, and AvL Technologies all offer flyaway VSAT antennas that can be easily stowed and set up by one person. The VSAT antennas come in different sizes for either automatic or manual signal acquisition to transmit over KU, KA, X, or C-band frequencies.


Choosing from the wide selection of vehicle satellite internet terminals depends on your budget and purpose. Portable solutions range from small, compact devices that you can carry in a bag, to satellite units fixed to your truck or RV roof or stored in the vehicle until you are ready to get online. RV extender solutions are available to boost and broadcast cellular signals in and around the vehicle.

Mobile VSAT

Drive-Away VSAT motorized units are mounted to vehicles for auto-deployment when stationary to align and locate pre-programmed satellite signals for quick connection to access communication services.

Mobile BGAN

Inmarsat BGAN units provide telephony and data services over the Inmarsat network. Vehicular terminals like the Inmarsat BGAN Explorer and Hughes models can be permanently or temporarily mounted to vehicles or magnetic surfaces for continued communication while in-motion or immobile.

Fixed Satellite Solutions

Fixed satellite terminals like the Hughes BGAN terminals (BGAN M2M, BGAN Link), Iridium’s Thales MissionLink, OneWeb, and iNetVu VSAT systems can be permanently installed in a remote location and configured to a satellite for reliable data and voice communications. Fixed solutions ensure business continuity for critical and fast-paced operations.

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