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The DISH Network satellite service offers cutting-edge satellite TV from your home or even when you’re traveling. You and your family can enjoy live TV streaming online and access hundreds of channels at a touch of a button.


The DISH Network uses numerous satellites in orbit to bring you quality satellite TV no matter where you are. Working with several satellite antenna brands such as the Winegard RV TV antenna means you don’t have to miss out when going on vacation or working on the road.

Compatible Terminals

King Dome and Winegard satellite antennas offer a range of versatile solutions allowing you to permanently mount a satellite dish to your RV and different models can be used in-motion or when stationary. More affordable options offer the stow and deploy that use carry cases and tripods for ease of portability.

For long-term use, RV mobile dishes can be permanently fixed to the roof of the vehicle and used while in-motion. King and Winegard antenna parts are available to securely mount the units for stable viewing. For short vacations, the portable antenna is easier and more cost-effective and is simply deployed when you are ready to relax.

The higher end Winegard and King Dome terminals offer quality satellite TV while on the move allowing young children to keep entertained on those long driving journeys. These antennas are protected with a dome-shape cover and automatically acquire the satellite regardless of your location. In-motion systems lock onto satellites for endless, quality viewing.


The Winegard Carry Out G3 is available in black and white and ideal for short-term use. These terminals can set up outdoors on a tripod while the family gathers for entertaining viewing. Winegard is ideal for roadtrip missions using the Dish Network and the Carry Out units can be quickly packed away and stored when not in use.

Winegard’s RoadTrip T4 and DuraSat D4 are the ultimate options for automatic signal acquisitions while driving. These units support two receivers for two TV sets, so there’s no fighting over which channels to watch. Purchase the RK-4000 Roof Mount Kit for an easy installation. Winegard and DISH Network work together to bring you the best in satellite TV viewing.


With the King Dome in-motion RV antenna, passengers can access the latest news, sports, weather, or blockbuster while on route to your holiday destination. The King Dome offers crystal clear reception and multiple TV viewing pleasure. Subscribers can get SD and HD channels, so you spend your vacation evenings relaxing and enjoying the best that DISH has to offer.

You can also record programming while driving, so you can catch up on your favorite programs. The King Dome units are also suitable for installation at a cabin, campsite, or holiday home. The set up is quick and effortless. Simply use the control button to scan and select to get the most out of your satellite TV experience. With an unobstructed line of sight, you’ll always have the best in satellite TV options.

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