The IsatPhone Pro satellite phone is a robust device built for rough terrains. It offers rapid signal acquisition and superior calling quality regardless of your location. The sat phone is engineered for extreme weather and environments and is designed to tolerate humidity, and is dust, shock, and water resistant.

The Inmarsat network consists of geostationary satellites that operate in the L-band, Ka-band and S-band frequencies to ensure mission-critical connectivity services around the world.


This feature-rich handset offers location services, GPS tracking, SOS services, and a high performance battery giving you up to 8 hours of talk time. It’s user-friendly interface and scratch-resistant display makes this a popular choice for business and recreational users. The phone is also compatible with a great selection of Inmarsat accessories

External Antennas

Being a global leader in satellite communications, Inmarsat and Beam partnered to offer purpose-built devices for high-end communication across its sophisticated network. communicate over its network. From sophisticated handheld devices to passive and active antenna cables, Inmarsat’s offering ensures superior connectivity worldwide.

Beam Antennas

The Isatphone Pro satellite phone is compatible with a range of different antennas.

  • The Inmarsat Beam Covert Anti-Piracy Antenna is designed for the maritime industry to help counteract the destruction of communications by pirates. The antenna is a covert device that doesn’t look anything like a normal antenna. It is discreet and robust to ensure connectivity with ships is never disrupted.
  • The Inmarsat Beam Mast / Pole Marine Active Antenna is engineered for ships and land use. The GPS antenna connections are protected, and the antenna can be mounted to any structure outdoors. This unit is compatible with Inmarsat devices and Oceana terminals.
  • The Beam IsatDock Directional / Fixed Passive Antenna is ideal for land-based applications and is designed for installation at remote sites. This antenna has an adjustable mounting bracket offering flexibility in direction settings to ensure full coverage for the area.
  • The Beam IsatDock Transport Bolt Active Antenna is used for the Inmarsat GSPS service and engineered for vehicular-based applications. It is versatile allowing horizontal or vertical entry for the antenna cables, so it’s suited to multiple installation types.
  • The Beam IsatDock Transport Magnetic Active Antenna is a great unit for transport communications. The antenna is designed to allow entry for the antenna cables in such a way as to not interfere with the magnetic base when it is attached to the vehicle.

PTT Active Antenna

Beam offers a PTT Active Antenna that is compatible with a wireless Push-To-Talk handset. PTT devices are powerful units that can receive and transmit audio in a 500m (1640ft) radius. PTT devices come with a speaker and provide high-quality audio.

The Push-To-Talk Vehicle Mount Antenna comes with a 5m cable and a connector type of RP-SMA-Male. The complete kit is specifically designed to be used with the wireless Push-To-Talk handset kit in remote office locations and at RF control points or when used with control consoles. This magnetic mount antenna provides improved coverage when used with an unobstructed line of sight to a satellite above.

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