VSAT satellite antennas are available in Ku, Ka, C-band frequencies, and they are installed at permanent remote locations. Signals in the lower range such as C-band are transmitted with low power and need larger antennas to receive these signals. Signals in the higher end such as Ku- and Ka-band have more power and smaller dishes can receive these signals.

VSAT Configurations

VSAT satellite terminals are available in 1.2m, 1.8m, and 2.4m diameter sized dishes. They include the BUC (Block Up Converter) for data transmission, an LNB (Low Noise Block) that receives signals reflected off the dish and compresses the frequency transmitted through the modem.

Large VSAT Antennas

Larger parabolic dishes support more users and intensive data applications. They have better performance and stability in adverse weather conditions and are designed for oil and gas industries, disaster management, emergency services, and commercial applications.

2.4m C band VSAT Antenna

The 2.4m VSAT C band Platinum Internet kit is a high-performance system that comes as a bundled option with several components. It includes the iDirect Evolution X5 Satellite Router, 2.4M Ku-Band Tx/Rx Class III Antenna, a 25 Watt BUC - C Band, C Band LNB, Skyware Global C-Band RxTx Feed, and a Cisco Catalyst 24 Port Switch.

1.8m VSAT Antennas

The 1.8m configuration includes the Ku VSAT Antenna Internet kit that has a 2-axis motorization with manual control when required and has an auto-pointing controller to acquire a signal with any Ku or C band satellite signal. 

The iNetVu system has a self-pointing auto-acquire unit compatible with the iNetVu 7024 Controller. It comes with a 1.8m offset, prime focus, glass fiber SMC reflector and works seamlessly with most commercially available satellite modems. The system is designed for 4W and higher BUCs.

1.2 m VSAT Antennas

Smaller VSAT antennas are suitable where the data consumption is not as high and supports fewer users and are ideal options for remote residences or small mobile offices and is commonly used for VSAT satellite TV.


iNetVu offers two bundled kits in the 1.2m sized antenna, one for Ka VSAT and one for Ku VSAT. These packages are supplied with the necessary components to connect the VSAT for dependable satellite services.

Both the iNetVu 120 Ka-band or Ku-band packages have a motorized antenna system that has a self-pointing auto-acquire unit with a 1.2m offset, prime focus, and thermoset-molded reflector designed to work with the iNetVu 7024C controller and selected satellite modems. The Internet kits have a 3-axis motorization, which supports manual control when required. Easy use of one button allows the motorized antenna to acquire a signal with a Ka-band or Ku-band satellite within minutes. These systems locate satellites through their advanced acquisition methods, and they eliminate costly repointing and network downtime during adverse weather conditions or during ground shifts caused by earthquakes or construction.

iNetVu VSAT satellite systems are cost-effective systems for multi-satellite communication in any location.

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