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It’s often asked if an external Iridium antenna is necessary for an Iridium satellite phone.  Well, if you want to make sure you are never out of touch and you have critical communication needs, then yes. You probably need one. External sat phone antennas are useful when using a satellite phone indoors so you can maintain connectivity via the antenna setup outdoors.

Satellite signals can fluctuate depending on the weather conditions and terrain location. If you cannot afford to lose signal or waste time managing a weak signal, then an external antenna is a worthwhile investment for a strong, consistent connection and uninterrupted performance.

Fixed Antennas

Beam Iridium antennas can be permanently installed in remote locations for enhanced connectivity and are compatible with most Iridium devices to access the Iridium satellite network. Canada Satellite has several options for you to choose from, depending on your requirements, which include but are not limited to:

  • The Beam Dual Mode Iridium / GPS Aero Antenna was designed for marine use but is suitable for any environment. It is an all in one Iridium and GPS antenna, with a weatherable polymer, supplied PVC mount and SMA connectors.

  • The Beam Iridium Aeronautical Patch Antenna is aerodynamically designed for aviation use. It is small and lightweight with an aluminium alloy casting.

  • The Beam Iridium Active Antenna is another high-performance choice that can be used on ships, boats, or on land at a remote location where an installation exceeds 20m / 60’ up to a cable run of 100m / 300’.

Portable Antennas

Other Iridium portable auxiliary antenna accessories include replacement handset antennas, magnetic mounted or whip antennas, as well as antennas with GPS capabilities, all of which offer easy portability.

  • The Iridium Antcom Aviation Glass / Magnetic Mount Antenna is a superior, robust external antenna that can be attached to glass, or magnetic surface. Designed for use on aircraft, it operates at temperatures between -55°C to +85°C and altitudes up to 21,000 meters.

  • The Beam Iridium GPS WHIP Antenna and GPS Cable is ideal for land use and compatible with Beam tracking products and GPS based devices.

  • The Beam Iridium Magnetic Antennas easily attach to your sat phone handset with strong magnetized connections to connect on a suitable surface, such as a vehicle roof to maintain a seamless satellite connection for voice and data needs.


Using an Iridium 9555 antenna will require the use of an Iridium 9555 antenna adapter to physically attach the device and larger external antenna. Replacement antennas are available that are permanently fixed to the handset like the Iridium auxiliary antenna adapters.

Iridium Antenna Adapters 

  • The Iridium GO! antenna adapter cable connects to an Iridium antenna (sold separately) and the Iridium GO! device. It provides TS9 (Iridium GO!) to the TNC-F (Iridium Antenna) connector with 15cm of length.

  • The Iridium antenna adapter ships with the purchase of the Iridium 9555 but can be purchased separately as a replacement. This adapter uses a TNC connector to attach to the antenna cable. 

Category Questions

Satellite phones require line of sight to the satellite to connect. They do not have enough transmit power to go through walls etc. 

We suggest a Docking Station with an RJ11 port, this enables you to connect a cordless phone to the docking station and roam freely indoors. 

This type of installation requires an antenna mounted at the highest point possible on the roof. We would need to know what length cable to provide as well, the proper size is needed to ensure signal propagation, this is a vital aspect of the install. 

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