This portable satellite radio is a world first. It allows users to communicate with a group of PTT radios over the Iridium satellite network that offers true global coverage. While it is designed as a global satellite radio, it can also be used to communicate with VHF, UHF, and HF radios.  

The ICOM IC-SAT100 is built with an IP67-rated durable casing and includes a front speaker for loud and clear audio, a top mounted volume selector, a talkgroup selector, and is compatible with a large range of accessories to enhance your communication requirements.

Access Iridium’s Push-To-Talk service by utilizing the talkgroup scan, and voice, and secure AES 256-bit encryption messaging capabilities you can communicate with confidence anywhere in the world.

With its USB Interface, it allows connecting charging adapters and access to data communications. When purchased as a single handset unit, it comes with the ICOM battery pack, belt clip, antenna, and charger.

Emergency Functions

Stay safe with the emergency key function. When you hold down the orange button, an emergency call is automatically sent to preprogrammed radios. Additionally, you use the priority interrupt function to transmit important messages.


The AquaQuake function ensures the radio’s interior always stays dry. When using this function, the radio handset will vibrate to push out the water through the speaker’s grill.

Advanced Options

This versatile device lets you communicate with up to 15 talkgroups and can interoperate with IDASTM and analog radios through VE-PG4 and the RoIP Gateway.

With the VE-PG4 gateway system, you can interconnect with different protocols to access full worldwide coverage. You can connect with SIP IP phones, IDAS, LTE, and WLAN. The IP network and VE-PG4's built-in SIM card gives you an advanced system.


Improve your experience with the ICOM IC SAT100 satellite PTT radio accessories. These include the HM-222 ICOM PTT speaker microphone that can be purchased separately for use with the IC-F52D and IC-F3400 series of IDAS radios and spare ICOM battery packs.

Fixed or Vehicle Use

The ICOM IC-SAT100M satellite radio is designed for flexible use. It also doesn’t need to be used outside with a clear view of the sky for stable connectivity. With the AH-40 antenna, the ICOM IC 100 radio can be used inside vehicles or other enclosed spaces. While driving, you can use the Bluetooth capability to operate the radio hands-free.

The ICOM PTT (IC-SAT100M) is convenient to keep the satellite radio powered up when being used indoors or inside a vehicle. This solution allows the radio to access AC or DC power and to connect an Iridium satellite antenna. This makes it easy to use the radio in a vehicle, vessel, or building that is securely supported.

The BC-247 docking station bundle is another option to securely support the handset wherever you need it. It comes with an AC power adapter, a DC adapter cable including a horn and ignition lead, a secure strap, and the necessary screws and washers for installation.

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