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Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN)

Government, commercial, and recreational users can depend on Inmarsat’s network and applications for consistent communication around the globe. The voice, data, and video capabilities available through devices and accessories such as the Redport Optimizer offer cost-effective and flexible use for access to always-on connectivity.

BGAN IP Services

BGAN works with a number of hardware terminals that allow you to access email, Internet, and Intranet services through a secure VPN connection with speeds of up to 492kbps over a shared channel. BGAN supports guaranteed data on demand at rates over 384kbps.

Additionally, the BGAN HDR streaming service provides fast connectivity with bandwidth at 650kbps in one channel while giving you the flexibility to double up for high-quality video and intensive imagery applications.


BGAN terminals are lightweight for easy portability and seamless communication. Thrane BGAN, Cobham, Hughes, and Redport all offer compact units and compatible accessories to extend the use of your satellite Internet terminals over the Inmarsat network.


Having power is critical when visiting isolated areas because without it, you and your team will be stranded with no access to communications. A range of rechargeable batteries can be purchased as spares or replacements for the Thrane & Thrane BGAN Explorer 300 and 500, the Hughes BGAN 9202 and the Hughes HNS 9201. To keep the Thrane and Hughes terminals connected to power, choose from the AC and DC adaptors.

Cobham Explorer

For the Cobham Explorer 710 BGAN terminal, you can get a DC car charger to keep the device powered up while on the move and protective carry cases for easy transport. Antenna cables are useful for different sites and include lengths of 10m, 30m, 60m, and 100m and the pole mount kit is ideal for permanent or steady installations.

Accessories available for the Cobham Explorer BGAN 510 also include car chargers and cases to keep your terminal secure and charged with power.


BGAN solutions offer reliable communications in remote regions where you need to access online applications from a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. BGAN is set up to create a WIFI Hotspot where up to 11 devices can connect simultaneously.

BGAN terminals can work with the RedPort optimizers to facilitate better satellite and internet connectivity. The RedPort Optimizer - Firewall, Wi-Fi, Tracker is a compact router to connect devices to Wi-Fi. It has a built-in firewall to manage traffic safely and at optimized speeds.

BGAN Plans and Subscriptions

Prepaid options are great for seasonal or temporary use around the globe. There are no restrictions and SIM cards can be reloaded with credit whenever you need it.

Postpaid plans are for those who are constantly working and cannot afford to run out of credit. The BGAN Flex airtime plan is designed for users who want a monthly fee based on their internet usage. For larger operations, the BGAN SCAP (Shared Corporate Allowance Package) offers cost savings for organizations with multiple BGAN terminals and users.

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