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Choosing Iridium

The Iridium satellite network offers reliable and top-quality connectivity with complete global coverage. Several manufacturers provide compatible accessories designed to work with Iridium’s products that include antennas, chargers, and docking stations such as the ASE 9575 Extreme docking station.


Iridium of 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites make up a state-of-the-art constellation covering all corners of the planet, across the seas, airways, and the poles. When traditional cellular networks are out of reach, you can always depend on Iridium for instant and seamless communication.

Iridium Certified Accessories

The range of Iridium certified accessories are designed to the best standard for portable use over rugged terrains to extend the functionality of your Iridium satellite devices.

Docking Stations

ASE, SatStation, and Beam offer Iridium 9575 docking stations and cradles that work with the Iridium PTT, 9555, and older model sat phones. Docking stations are practical for vehicle use, maritime applications, or for permanent business operations in isolated places.

  • The ASE ComCenter bundles include a voice and data modem that comes with a privacy handset. In addition to ASE’s offering, there is a wide selection in docking stations to maximize the use of your Iridium sat phone.

  •  The Beam SatDOCK, PotsDOCK, DriveDOCK, and PTT Kits provide extensive features for recreational and commercial users. Whether you’re at a desk, in a car, or on a ship, these docking stations are engineered for optimal communications.

  • SatStation docking units have a choice in desktop and mobile applications that are compatible with the Iridium 9575 Extreme and 9555 models.


External antennas are great accessories to install outdoors for permanent or temporary use. The AeroAntenna products give you the option to mount antennas to a fixed site for superior connectivity. The Iridium Antcom Aviation Glass is ideal for mounting on magnetic surfaces and designed for aviation use where needed for small aircraft use.

Battery and Phone Chargers

Backup power for your Iridium devices is crucial for traveling to remote regions. SatStation is a major player offering battery chargers that can power up to four batteries at one time. The single bay chargers are suitable for those who have a one device and want to keep a spare battery charged up at all times.

The four bay charger can come as a customizable unit so you can choose the plates for your devices or select from the standard four bay charger that offer varying configurations for battery compatibility.

Solar Chargers

If you’re heading into an area without AC power, then consider investing in the SolStar i-10 Iridium Foldable Solar Charger. This compact, pocket-sized unit is lightweight for easy portability. It comes as a foldable charger with a 15-foot extension cord and a female CLA adapter that can be deployed to take advantage of the solar rays to power up your devices.

The SolStar i-10 charger is UV resistant, waterproof, and weatherproof and designed for use in harsh environments. It has an operating voltage of 12 V and highly recommended for traveling.

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Yes Iridium will work in a moving vehicle. There are a wide variety of Dockng Stations and Antenna's specifically for installation in a wide array of vehicles serving multiple markets. 

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