Iridium Satellite Phone Chargers

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Our range of Iridium satellite phone chargers are compatible with all Iridium phone models. The selection of accessories include battery only chargers or adapters for phones using AC or vehicle power. Phone chargers are must-have items to ensure your communications devices are always powered up for emergencies and continued connectivity.

Global Coverage

Iridium sat phones over reliable voice and data transmission from anywhere in the world. Iridium’s dependable services let you stay in touch with family or for business-critical operations where you can’t rely on ground-based networks.

Versatile Charging Options

Whether you need a four or single bay battery charger, or want backup power for solar or vehicle use, we stock everything you need to ensure you always have access to seamless communications.

Phone Chargers

To ensure your own safety when traveling to remote regions, having chargers and backups like the Iridium 9555 high capacity battery is a great approach to be prepared for any situation.

The range of charging options across the board for all Iridium phones include:

  • The Iridium 9555 satellite phone charger for AC power and International Plug Kit is compatible with the Iridium 9505A and 9575

  • The Iridium 9555 car charger can be used with the 9505A 9575 models

  • Iridium 9500 and 9505 car charger

  • Iridium USB Charging Cable for the Iridium 9575 Extreme, 9575 PTT, 9555 and 9505A

Battery Chargers

SatStation designed robust and portable power solutions for Iridium devices. SatStation offers battery conditioning while using the power facility to ensure a maximum charge every time. 

If you need to keep using your phone, simply keep the extra battery on charge so it’s ready to swop out the moment you need it. Whether you need an Iridium 9505a charger or for a later model like the 9575 Extreme, the Single Bay unit will fit a range of batteries.

The Four Bay Charger is ideal for teams or groups with multiple phones or travelers with multiple devices. This customizable device can be purchased with selected charging plates to suit your collective set of phones.

Solar Chargers

The SatStation 18 and 24 foldable solar panels are ideal solutions for portable power. These solar chargers are lightweight and compatible with the Iridium GO device, and all the Iridium sat phone models. The SolarPak 18 has an output of 18V and the SolarPak 24 provides an output power of 24V. The SatStation solar panels are easy to set up on any terrain. When deployed, they utilize the sun’s energy for optimal power.

A smaller, more compact solution for solar power is the Solstar charger. This pocket sized device is the perfect choice as a light and dependable companion that comes with a 15-foot extension cord and female CLA adapter. The SolStar i-10 is UV resistant, waterproof, and weatherproof so you can use it to charge your Iridium sat phone anywhere and anytime.

The operating voltage of the SolStar offers 12 V and is a highly convenient option for travel purposes.

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