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Iridium is a high-tech satellite constellation providing voice and broadband connectivity with complete global coverage for Iridium satellite phones and devices. In extremely remote areas, continued communications with improved satellite signals can be enabled using a Beam Iridium antenna.

Enhanced Connectivity

Satellite communication works by transmitting to user devices via an Iridium satellite phone antenna permanently attached to the phone or as an antenna mounted outdoors, which enables using a device indoors or simply to augment the signal.

Handset Antennas

A satellite phone external antenna can be attached to an Iridium handset compatible with the 9555, 9575 and 9505A models. These antennas are portable and compact that allow you to easily carry it around for use when signal quality is poor from the handset. Simply attach it to the phone and temporarily mount it for improved reception whenever you need to make voice calls or send texts from the satellite handset.

Replacement Antennas

You can buy a replacement antenna for the Iridium 9505 and 9505A handsets when the phone’s antenna has been damaged. This is a cost-effective option instead of having to purchase a brand new satellite phone.

External Antennas

To improve satellite signals, external antennas can be used for better performance. Different antennas and adapters are available, which can be permanently fixed to any structure or used as a temporary solution that can be easily moved with magnetic mounts.

Iridium Beam and AeroAntenna

The Beam and AeroAntenna range delivers quality performance for both indoor or outdoor use to provide constant access for enhanced connectivity. The range of antennas have become the top choice for companies and individuals worldwide who need reliable voice, data and tracking communication over the Iridium Network.

Dual Mode antennas use multiple navigation systems for location tracking. Omnidirectional antennas are specifically designed to maintain an optimum connection between the terminal and the satellites. These antennas are suited for maritime, land-mobile and fixed installations.

Depending on your mobility requirements, you have a selection of fixed and portable antennas. External antennas are great options to keep using your satellite handset under cover or inside and they will also improve the satellite signal for your Iridium phone being used outside. set outdoors. Being easily portable with magnetic or fixed mounts, you can attach and detach the antenna to a vehicle or surface for instant use.

Antcom Iridium Antenna

The Antcom Aviation Glass / Magnetic Mount Antenna was designed for use on an aircraft's windscreen, but it has proven to be highly useful for boats, ships, cars, trucks and trains. The antenna also has a magnetic base for mounting to any metal object or car hood. The suction cup makes it versatile to mount on any glass surface. 

The suction cup is hermetically sealed to operate through harsh environments. Due to its versatility, compact size, and affordable price, it is a popular device used for multi-purpose situations for reliable satellite communications.

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