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Iridium GO! Smartphone Compatible (Android & iOS) Satellite Phone

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The Iridium GO! is a highly useful and compact Wi-Fi unit that enables smartphones and wireless devices to connect to the Iridium network. The connected devices can access data and voice services without incurring roaming charges. This a practical gadget for small groups traveling who need connectivity when traveling to remote places.

Satellite Connectivity

Satellite communications are reliable and secure and life-saving forms of communication when ground-based networks are out of reach. The Iridium constellation offers voice and data connectivity through its 66 crosslinked LEO satellites, offering accessibility across continents, air, and sea. Using a device like the Iridium GO! satellite unit enables access for up to five iOS and Android devices to connect simultaneously for instant connectivity from anywhere in the world.

Key Features

External smart devices within a 100-foot radius can connect to the Iridium GO! using the Iridium App. Designed with an IP65 ingress rating, this satellite Wi-Fi device is durable for use across rugged terrains. Connected devices can utilize features from their smartphones for voice calling, SOS alerts, and data services such as email and web browsing. A range of compatible accessories can be purchased separately to enhance the users’ experience.


The Iridium GO! antenna adapter cable is used to connect to a separate, external antenna, which can be mounted on any structure for permanent or temporary use to improve signal quality. You can also purchase the bundled Iridium GO! antenna kit that includes the antenna, 12m cable, and mount for a stable installation. Components included in the full kit can also be bought separately.

To ensure the Iridium GO! unit never runs flat, it’s always advisable to have a spare battery and additional charging sources such as the USB car charger and AC chargers that come with adapters that can be used in over 175 countries. The SatStation four-bay battery charger lets you charge batteries for the Iridium GO! and satellite phones at the same time.

While the Iridium GO! is built for durability, having a protective cover and carry case will help prevent damage from accidental drops and knocks, and minimizes exposure to heat when used in direct sunlight.

Data Plans

You will need an Iridium data plan for the Iridium GO! device to access services through the Iridium satellite network. You can purchase a prepaid SIM card valid for 30 days, 6 or 12 months and gives you the flexibility to top up whenever you need credit without worrying about long-term contracts. The 6-month prepaid card comes with 3000 SMS units. An activation fee may apply.

One of the options for a postpaid plan requires a minimum 3-month commitment with competitive voice and data rates. You can then pay a monthly subscription to renew credit that includes 150 minutes and unlimited text messaging. Incoming calls and SMS are free with no charge to access voicemail services. Alternatively, you can choose the 75 Data Minute postpaid monthly plan that includes 75 minutes every month.

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Length- 81.7 mm (3.22”), width- 119.81 mm (4.69”), depth- 33.44 mm (1.32”), Weight (approximate)- 300g (w/battery) / 225g (w/out battery).

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