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The Iridium PTT uses push-to-talk technology while being able to operate as a standard satellite phone. With its dual functionality, you can easily switch between PTT and Phone Modes to communicate within a defined talk-group, or access Iridium network services.

The PTT service offers a cost-effective option that requires a global or regional monthly subscription without the hassles of per minute or monthly billing. Small to medium groups within a 100,000 – 300,000 square kilometer range can communicate free of charge and large talk-groups communicating over a bigger land range requires a once-off cost.

Iridium 9575 PTT Functions

A key feature of the Iridium PTT is having the flexibility to use the Phone Mode for access to telephony services such as phone calling, SOS, and location-based applications. In Phone Mode, you will need an active SIM and selected phone plan. In PTT Mode, no SIM card is required, and you can simply communicate using the push-to-talk functionality.

The Iridium Extreme PTT is used between users in a designated talk-group in defined geographical regions. Once the PTT service is activated, an assigned user gets access to a web-based command center who is able to configure subscribers for a specific talk-group. Iridium’s PTT service is also compatible with selected push-to-talk devices.

PTT Satellite Radio

The ICOM IC-SAT100 PTT satellite radio offers dependable communication for small or large groups using an activated Iridium PTT service. The PTT radio handset has VE-PG4 to integrate with multiple radio systems over different bands. This PTT satellite radio device is a high-end version of the old walkie-talkie system without range restrictions.


The Iridium PTT has a selection of accessories to extend the functionality of the devices. You can purchase separate batteries, chargers, docking stations, and external antennas to use your device in multiple environments.

External Antenna

The Push-To-Talk Vehicle Mount Antenna Kit comes with a 3.5m cable that allows you to use your sat device from within a vehicle. The antenna is mounted to the exterior of the vehicle to obtain line of sight with orbital satellites while allowing you to continue using your device from inside the car.

Bundled Kits

Iridium PTT bundled kits are supplied with different peripherals that offer portable solutions for continued communication whether corded, wireless, or handsfree. These bundles are designed for personnel who work remotely for government, military, emergency services, business operations, and will suit recreational groups with intensive communication needs.

  • Beam Iridium Extreme PTT Grab ‘N’ Go Privacy Handset Kit offers the ability to receive audio via a push of the button to the Iridium PTT device when paired with the Beam DriveDOCK.

  • Beam Iridium Extreme® PTT Grab ‘N’ Go Corded Kit has an in-built DriveDOCK with speaker and microphone using a corded handset.

  • Beam Iridium Extreme® PTT Grab ‘N’ Go Wireless Kit provides enhanced communication within a 300m/1000ft radius through a fitted external antenna.

  • ASE 9575 Extreme BagDock - PTT Enabled comes with a magnetic mounted antenna, AC charger for vehicle use, and mic/speaker set.

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