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An extensive selection of accessories are available for consumer satellite devices. Backup and replacement parts will ensure maximum convenience for continued communications when you need it the most.

Types of Accessories

The following add-ons and accessories can be purchased separately:

  • Satellite internet routers 

  • Antenna controllers

  • Power supplies and chargers

  • Rechargeable batteries

  • Hotspot terminals

  • VoIP handsets

  • Carry bags

Satellite Internet Components

Different satellite internet peripherals enhance and extend the functionality of satellite communication devices. Routers, controllers, Wi-Fi hotspot and optimizers are just some of the accessories that can augment the user’s satellite experience. Adding phones like the Cobham wired handset lets you make VoIP calls to save on costs with satellite voice. 

Satellite Internet Routers

The iDirect Evolution x3 satellite router, iDirect Evolution x5 satellite router, and the iDirect Evolution x7 satellite router work with outdoor satellite antennas and used indoors to connect several devices wirelessly or via cable to access internet services such as VPN, real-time VoIP, and video conferencing applications. 

These satellite internet modem routers are best suited to managing remote enterprise networks and maximizes traffic prioritization to balance the demands between applications across multiple sites and sub-networks. 


Antenna controllers are installed hardware controllers used to manage VSAT systems. The iNetVu auxiliary handheld controllers enable users to manually configure and control any iNetvu antenna without the use of a computer. To improve and accelerate signal acquisition, the iNetVu antenna controllers can work with a number of selected modems to manage the VSAT satellite antenna remotely.

RedPort Optimizers 

Satellite internet optimizers, like the RedPort Optimizer range, boost Wi-Fi signals and re-routes for multiple devices to take advantage of fast, seamless internet connectivity. The RedPort Optimizer Firewall, Wi-Fi, and Tracker directly connects sat phones or terminals to a Wi-Fi signal for email, web, weather, and tracking services through secure channels. 

The RedPort Optimizer Voice is a compact and powerful satellite data router to extend the voice capabilities of selected satellite phones that provide PBX functions and usage management features to protect against overspending on airtime usage. It also accelerates data speeds, enables email and web compression, and tracks your location via GPS.

Power Accessories

Charging adaptors and spare batteries are essential items to ensure backup for satellite internet devices. Keep your communication devices powered up for those critical moments when you need connectivity.  


Accessories for the different BGAN Explorer terminals include a soft bag for safe transport and a DC car charger compatible with the BGAN Explorer 300, 500, 510, 700, and 710 devices.

The Thrane and Thrane AC/DC adaptor compatible with BGAN Explorer 700 lets you charge the terminal from your car or a permanent electrical outlet source. The Wideye Isavi AC power supply is highly recommended as a backup if you own the Isavi hotspot terminal.


Rechargeable batteries for the Inmarsat iSavi Wi-Fi satellite hotspot or Thrane and Thrane BGAN Explorer 300 and 500 portable satellite terminals are a must for long, extended journeys. Having reserve power is crucial when traveling to isolated regions.

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