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If you have an Iridium satellite phone or an Inmarsat device, you can extend the use of the handset for fixed, vehicular, or marine applications. Compatible units can be installed as a docking station or with an antenna terminal to improve connectivity from inside enclosed spaces when out in remote locations.

Satellite services are integral to maintaining communications when you cannot access cellular networks. If you’re wondering how much is a satellite phone, it may surprise you that they don’t cost thousands and are more accessible to consumers than ever before.

What is a satellite phone?

A satellite phone is more than just a handheld phone. They come with different capabilities that provide access to telephony and data services from all around the globe, whether you’re on land or at sea. The average satellite phone price can cost as much as the latest smartphone and allows you to travel to far to reach places while keeping connected to your business or family.

Where to buy a satellite phone?

American Satellite is your one-stop online shop for everything you need to get connected to satellite services. Our range of sat phone devices are bundled with accessories to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Satellite Phone Terminals

End-users often ask how well do satellite phones work and without doubt, these devices are the most reliable companions for all traveling purposes. Sat phones work seamlessly and provide uninterrupted connectivity to ensure your safety at all times.

Inmarsat Beam

Inmarsat Beam offers a range of products designed for maritime use. The Beam IsatDock LITE Maritime Combo comes with an Active Antenna to enhance signal acquisition for the IsatPhone Pro. Additional features include charging, a USB connection, data use, and SMS capability.

The Anti-piracy bundles from Inmarsat are crucial for sea voyages. These docking stations come with built-in covert antennas and are installed to ensure continued connectivity and tracking services in the event of a pirate attack and when power and communication lines are intentionally damaged.

Iridium Docking Stations

For the Iridium 9575 Extreme satellite phone, you can choose the ASE 9575 Extreme Docking Station bundle, or the Beam DriveDOCK, Beam LiteDOCK, Beam PotsDOCK, Beam IntelliDOCK, or the SatStation Desktop Dock.

Docking stations can be used for remote office setups or in-vehicle or for use in a ship’s cabin. They are fixed to a surface and offer extensive capabilities that allow for hands-free, privacy modes, speaker, and PBX integration.

ASE ComCenter

ASE ComCenter II-300 Voice and Data Modem are available with GPS functionality (with or without a handset), or with a handset and a mobile antenna kit, or with a fixed mount antenna kit. These different bundles offer the flexibility to install the ComCenter in fixed locations that cannot reach cellular networks.

The ComCenter has POTS (RJ-11) connections for other phones or makes use of the intelligent handset for complete voice services. The antenna kits support secure installation for this powerful unit that is ideal for offices and sea vessels.

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