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Quick deploy, flyaway, and vehicle mounted mobile VSAT antennas come in varying sizes that include 75cm, 1.2m, 1.8m or 2.4 m. These systems can be used around the world in the remotest of places for recreational or business purposes and offer reliable telecommunications. Portable flyaway systems are stored and can be quickly deployed on the ground while vehicular VSATs are permanently mounted to the roof of a vehicle.

Signal Acquisition

Mobile VSAT solutions can be automatic or manual meaning the satellite signals are acquired automatically or need to be manually configured using a controller. They can be optimized for Ku, Ka, or C-band frequencies, and antenna sizes from 1.2-meters typically offer the best connectivity performance.

Quick Deploy/FlyAway VSAT

Intellian, Cobham Explorer, AvL, iNetVu, and Paradigm offer flyaway mobile VSAT systems that can transmit over different frequencies. They can be easily set up by one person for instant satellite communication access for commercial, government, or military use.

Cobham Explorer

The Cobham auto-deploy systems don’t require technical expertise for configuration to access broadband applications over satellite. For business continuity, they offer remote video conferencing, data streaming, cloud services, voice, radio, and live broadcast capabilities for all industries.


The iNetVu antennas start at 75cm up to 1.8m that supports SNG, entertainment, and commercial operations. With high reliability and flexibility, these systems offer optimal VSAT mobile internet services in any location.


Intellian is a high-end, satellite terminal that can be setup with tools or technical experience. Engineered for secure and seamless operations, Intellian’s LP100 VSAT offers manual and automatic operation with one button to track satellites and one quick click to stow for transport.

AvL Technologies

AvL’s motorized flyaway antennas are available in a 1.0m tri-band antenna, 2m multi-band, and 2.4m quad-band systems. The AAQ controller is highly useful to manage operations and interfacing with external devices. Antenna sizes range from 60cm up to 2.4m for high performance and data intensive applications.

Vehicular VSAT

Antennas for VSAT mobile internet can be mounted to a truck or RV for auto-deployment when the vehicle is stationary. They can be pre-programmed to locate satellites for instantaneous access to communication services. iNetVu, AVL, and Cobham VSAT antennas are renowned manufacturers for vehicular solutions.

In-Motion or Stationary

Different models offer the convenience of internet access while in-motion and are designed to withstand wind resistance without the signal quality being affected. You can also choose VSAT systems that are mounted and only deployed when stationary and allow for automatic signal acquisition with the push of a single button on the automatic satellite controller located inside the vehicle. The antennas are usually deployed and ready for use within a few minutes.

Vehicle-mounted VSAT systems can be as small as 75cm, which will suit basic communication needs. Dishes from 1.8m up to 2.4m is ideal for broadcasting and high data consumption. Vehicle-mounted VSATs are commonly used by recreational travelers, emergency management professionals, and news broadcasters to quickly setup and access on-scene voice, video, and data communications.

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