Inmarsat is a global leader in providing satellite communication through its satellite phones. Using advanced technology for high-quality voice and data services, Inmarsat offers satellite phone plans to work with its high-end devices.

Inmarsat Isatphones

The IsatPhone Pro and Isatphone 2 are affordable and user-friendly satellite handsets that offer reliable functions and features to keep you connected across the globe. The Inmarsat network covers all regions except the Poles and a range of compatible accessories are available to extend your satellite experience.

Phone Plans

Satellite SIM cards work similarly to cellular phone technology where the SIM is used to transfer data, send texts, and make voice calls. However, satellite SIM cards work exclusively with one satellite network and they are only compatible with that network’s devices and handsets.

While satellite phone usage costs more than regular land-based phone services, the advances in technology is allowing sat phones to be more accessible and affordable. Inmarsat’s plans are varied to meet the needs of a wide range of users and budgets. Services are available as prepaid or postpaid depending on your requirements.

Inmarsat Prepaid Plans

Inmarsat’s prepaid satellite phone plans are convenient for temporary or seasonal use. Sat phone usage is calculated in units. Prepaid also offers the benefits of avoiding long-term contracts and billing, which will suit the occasional user. All you need to do is buy units and top up your sat phone.

Select how many units are required based on the validity of the plan. Prepaid is offered at with the following bundled units:

  • 50 units for 30 days
  • 100 units for 90 days
  • 250 units for 180 days
  • 500 units for 365 days
  • 1000 units for 365 days
  • 2500 units for 365 days
  • 5000 units for 365 days

You can also keep track of your balance by checking the balance and number of days left on your subscription. If you’re running low, simply reload units at your convenience. It is also possible to just buy the SIM card without any credit preloaded. Simply activate it, and load up credit as and when you need it.

Inmarsat Postpaid Plans

With postpaid plans, you can pay up front without the hassle of having to top up when you run out of credit. Choose a subscription based on the geographic location where the phone will be used and according to your expected consumption use.

Inmarsat offers the following postpaid options that ensures you have an ongoing satellite phone service that doesn’t expire unless you cancel it. Postpaid plans offer the convenience of never being concerned about being low on airtime.

  • Global Postpaid Bundle Plan with 30 Minutes per Month
  • Global Postpaid Bundle Plan with 60 Minutes per Month
  • Global Postpaid Bundle Plan with 120 Minutes per Month
  • Global Postpaid Bundle Plan with 150 Minutes per Month
  • Inmarsat IsatPhone Standard Global Postpaid Plan
  • Inmarsat IsatPhone North America Emergency Postpaid Plan

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