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VSAT Block Up Converters

A VSAT system consists of the outdoor and indoor components. The indoor unit is a satellite modem, router, or switch that is connected to a display device or computer. 

The outdoor component is the VSAT antenna and this is made up of the parabolic reflector dish that can measure anything between 60cm and 2.4m in diameter, a feedhorn that transmits/receives the satellite signal, a block up converter to convert uplink frequencies such as a Ku-band BUC LO frequency, and the Low Noise Block Converter (LNB) to convert received frequencies.

Role of Upconverters

Ku-band upconverters are used transmitting the uplink of satellite signals to convert a band of frequencies from a lower frequency to a higher frequency for transmission. BUCs convert from the L-band to Ku-band, C-band, and Ka-band.

The satellite communication system receives a signal on a uplink carrier frequency, converts it and transmits the signal at a downlink carrier frequency. The uplink and downlink carrier frequency have different frequency offsets.


BUCs also amplify the amplitude level of the RF signal that has been converted and it costs less when used in place of two separate modules (upconverter and amp). Our product range includes Ku-band BUCs and C-band BUCs.

When selecting a BUC, consider the Input/IF Frequency, which is the intermediate frequency that is input into the BUC. This is a low frequency that must be upconverted and amplified before it is transmitted out of the system. 

Additionally, take into account the Output/RF Frequency refers to the band frequency, the gain provided by the BUC and the DC Voltage required for the BUC to operate.

Ku-band BUCs

NJRC Ku-band BUC modules convert uplink frequencies from a lower to a higher RF frequency covering 13.75 to 14.5 GHz. The output power differs between BUCs from 2 watts, 3 watts, 4 watts and 6 watts. The NJRC BUC Ku band components have a waterproof and dustproof IP67 ingress protection rating.

The iDirect 3W Universal Ku Band BUC supports both standard and extended Ku-band frequencies for the ultimate flexibility. By exploiting custom-designed components and advanced manufacturing techniques, these compact BUCs offer superior power efficiency and reliability.

It has an output frequency range of 13.75 to 14.5 GHz, an input frequency range of 950 to 1,700 MHz and offers a single, fixed LO conversion type. The LO frequency is 12.80 GHz.

C-Band BUCs

The 25 Watt C-band BUC is a cost-effective and high performance outdoor RF transmitter designed for a range of satellite applications. It is designed to provide the highest level of output power linearity so as to ensure optimum performance. It utilizes 48V DC power input and line filtering to provide protection from power fluctuations, which often occur in remote and rural areas.

It operates within -40°C and +60°C. It is designed with an ingress protection rating of IP65 and is waterproof making it robust for outdoor use. The BUCs quality thermal design is what allows it to operate at high temperatures. It is a compact and lightweight BUC and is feed mountable.

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