Vehicular Satellite Internet

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Mobile Satellite Internet

When traveling to remote areas away from the home or office, mobile satellite is an efficient and convenient solution to access Internet, voice, and satellite TV services. Portable devices like the Cobham Explorer 510 BGAN satellite terminal are light and easily transported to get you online from anywhere in the world. Other mobile solutions can be mounted on any vehicle or stored during travel for easy deployment once you have arrived at your destination.

In-Motion versus Stationary Use

If you need Internet access while traveling, auto-acquiring satellite devices operate while in-motion as they don’t need to be manually setup to locate a satellite signal. Stationary use mobile units can only be deployed when the vehicle has stopped as it needs to be configured to find a satellite so you can access and utilize satellite telecommunications.

Vehicular Solutions

Choosing from the wide selection of vehicle satellite Internet terminals depends on your budget and purpose. Portable solutions range from small, compact devices that you can carry in a bag, to satellite units fixed to your truck or RV roof or stored in the vehicle until you are ready to get online.

Mobile BGAN

Various models from Cobham Explorer, WidEye Safari, Harris, and Hughes have terminals installed on top of a vehicle to allow in-motion communications to keep you connected without any interruption. Cobham and Hughes also offer easy-to-carry portable units for individuals or teams to access the Internet from any remote location.

  • The Cobham Explorer 710 BGAN satellite terminal is a small yet powerful and robust terminal that provides on-demand Internet services through Inmarsat. With multiple interfaces that support data intensive applications, users can connect their smartphones and laptops for instant online connectivity.

  • The Hughes 9201 BGAN terminal can be setup anywhere and anytime for multiple user support to connect to a remote broadband wireless LAN. Being lightweight and compact, the unit can be moved and deployed from site to site within minutes.

  • The Cobham Explorer 325 Push-To-Talk system comes with a transceiver, IP handset and a roof mountable antenna for on-the-go communication.

Mobile VSAT

VSAT systems are miniaturized satellite dishes that can be fixed to vehicles or carried and setup on the ground. These are used when you or the vehicle is stationary as the antenna does not automatically adjust and reconnect the satellite signal when moved. Signal acquisition can be manual or automatically connected to pre-programmed satellites, depending on the model.

  • Drive-Away VSAT systems are motorized units mounted to vehicles and can auto-deploy once stationary to align and locate a satellite for communication.

  •  Fly-Away or carry away VSAT systems can be stored in bags or cases and setup outside when needed.

RV Internet

Recreational vehicle satellite Internet solutions include mounted or carry-away VSAT systems and Wi-Fi extenders like the Winegard Connect models. These extenders scan and connect to a Wi-Fi network source to amplify and broadcast the signal around the RV. It can also improve performance of any connected 4G LTE network so you can access cellular and data services from any smart device.

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