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We offer various specialty satellite internet equipment and devices, including mobile, vehicular and maritime.  

Specialty Satellite Internet

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Satellite Internet in the USA is predominantly serviced through the Iridium, Inmarsat, and Thuraya orbital constellations comprising multiple interconnected satellite systems that provide global coverage. These established networks offer a wide selection of Internet specialty products designed for portable and fixed land, marine, or aviation use that is compatible with different frequencies, such as X, L, C, Ku, and Ka bands.

New Constellations

In North America, satellite Internet is constantly evolving with companies such as SpaceX that is revolutionizing space technology with the launch of its recent StarLink constellation. OneWeb and Telesat LEO are also developing in this industry to become new players in delivering Internet satellite in the USA through their range of tailor-made user terminals.

Satellite Internet Solutions

Regardless of your destination, if you need satellite internet in South America, Africa, or Asia, there are various devices designed to suit your traveling and portability needs. Choose from small, lightweight units or larger antennas mounted to a vehicle or boat to access high-speed satellite telecommunications on demand.


Satellite terminals for use on land come in different shapes and sizes. Mobile and compact units are robust and built to be easily transported across any terrain. The IsatHub iSavi, Thuraya WE, and BGAN terminals are small-scale units that comfortably fit in a backpack and allow for quick setup to connect your laptop or smartphone to a satellite network.

Different VSAT antennas like the iNetVu range can be installed on the roof of an RV or van with automatic deployment once stationary, or stowed in a carry bag, ready for use on the ground to access satellite Internet services. The Cobham Explorer, Thales MissionLink, and Hughes products offer wind-resistant terminals that are permanently fixed to any moving vehicle for satellite communications while in motion.


Most vessels have a basic satellite device for emergency calling and tracking but if you’re sailing the Pacific and want satellite Internet off Central America’s shores to check email or stream movies, then choose from the maritime terminals designed for use when out-at-sea. Popular models include the Intellian VSAT and Certus Marine units, Iridium Pilot, Thales VesseLink, KVH TracPhone Fleet One, and the Cobham Sailor range that offers affordable to high-end hardware with flexible data packages to suit varying data consumption needs.


The OneWeb Aviation unit and the Iridium OpenPort Aero terminal are specifically designed as small, aerodynamic units for satellite communication on fast moving aircraft. Suitable for commercial planes or private jets, data and voice services are accessible through the airways over oceans, the poles, and land. Aviation terminals offer vital lines of communication to all onboard.

These terminals are streamlined and built to withstand extreme temperatures and wind speeds for dependable satellite communication. Cockpit safety, cabin and passenger communications, air traffic control and ground crews all benefit from real-time access to satellite services that include in-flight credit card purchases, and web and email capabilities, weather charts and alerts, route and air traffic, as well as black box data streaming.

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