Inmarsat’s marine satellite phones are low-cost maritime phone services that work with the Beam Oceana terminals to access the Inmarsat satellite network. Vessels rely on Inmarsat’s coverage for operational communications and safety services.

Fixed Phones

Manufactured by Beam Communications, the FleetPhone comes in two models, the Oceana 400 and Oceana 800 for both voice and data communications services when out at sea. These fixed solutions offer connectivity to vessels and fleets who are far from the reach of land networks.

Beam Oceana 800

Beam’s marine solutions provide a fixed phone that has several features offering benefits for connectivity and emergency or rescue response. The Oceana 800 terminal has built-in GPS tracking and voice calling is crystal clear whether to land, mobile or satellite networks. Other useful features include Crew Welfare Chat, Internet and intranet access, and weather forecasts.

This all-in-one maritime terminal is designed with a IP54 rating enclosure that protects it against dust and water ingress making it a robust unit suited to maritime use. It is suited to medium and large fleets that include commercial, fishing, leisure, and government vessels.  The Deluxe Anti-Piracy Kit Beam Oceana 800 Deluxe Anti-Piracy Kit is a highly sought after solution to maintain communication and power in the case of a pirate attack.

Beam Oceana 400

The Oceana 400 is a slimline unit for basic access to dependable voice and data communications services. It is an affordable and high-quality solution for fishing vessels, workboats, and leisure craft where voice and SMS messaging is needed when out of range from terrestrial and cellular networks.

Beam Oceana 400 Maritime Fixed Phone unit is bundled with a satellite terminal and Beam Active Mast Mount Antenna for multi-phone connectivity. It can be mounted magnetically or bolted to a fixed structure.

Satellite Phone

The Iridium 9575N Extreme Satellite Phone is useful for mobility when walking around the ship with the need to stay connected. The Iridium sat phone is a feature rich, high performing device offering advanced communication capabilities as well as GPS-enabled services and Google Mapping features.

These tracking services offer peace of mind and safety when traveling to remote areas. It also allows monitoring of the phone’s user through location updates and geo-fencing.

The Iridium Extreme also offers an SOS feature with a satellite emergency notification to alert designated contacts in times of distress or danger. It allows a two-way connection to assist in responding to you and getting the necessary help. This feature is supported by the GEOS Travel Safety Group.

Beam DriveDOCK Extreme Docking Station

The Iridium 9575N sat phone bundle comes with the Beam docking station. The DriveDOCK station can be fixed outdoors to offer seamless connectivity through an external antenna. The DriveDock supports the RJ11 connection, Bluetooth and tracking and alert features. It can interface with your PABX system to offer complex capabilities for your remote office. The Iridium Extreme handset is securely cradled in the docking station with easy undocking.

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