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Dish Network

Dish Network is a direct-broadcast satellite provider that also offers mobile wireless services. Access the satellite communications using state-of-the-art technology manufactured by Intellian and KVH, which are suitable for use on land or at sea.

Dish Network Satellite TV

Dish Network subscribers can select from custom and pre-built packages to give you instant access to the best viewing channels available. For the ultimate in entertainment viewing, select from a variety of mobile packages that allow you to connect to portable antennas.


KVH Tracvision satellite dish range offers secure, reliable, and high-quality viewing while sailing the open seas. The TracVision series is designed for the best performance and flexibility to enjoy regional TV services around the world. KVH’s RingFire technology uses an innovative antenna design that is designed to provide broader geographic coverage and quality reception in extreme weather.

TracVision TV8

Key functions of the Tracvision TV8 includes a single coaxial cable for data, power, and video applications, an advanced stabilized system for fast and accurate satellite acquisition, ability for different configurations to support multiple receiver installations, and Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) signal strength for a wider travel range.

TracVision offers automatic satellite switching to support linear and circular TV services globally. DISH Network subscribers can enjoy HD viewing and DVR capabilities using the built-in user-friendly program guide.


Intellian is one of the top providers of marine satellite TV systems offering superior satellite viewing and cutting-edge hardware. With its exclusive technologies, Intellian is a leader in marine communications. Antenna systems range from 33cm – 85cm reflectors to suit all vessels of any size.

Intellian i-series

The Intellian i-series VSAT antennas are designed for small to large vessels. Whether it’s for a leisure yacht or cargo ship, you will be able to find a satellite system that fulfills your needs.

Intellian has a Wide Range Search algorithm and Dynamic Beam Tilting technology that enables quick and stable signal acquisition using smart, real-time analysis to remove signal jumps and loss of service. Setting up an Intellian i-series unit is easy and straightforward, and operation can be controlled wirelessly from a mobile app.

Intellian’s RF technology gives extended coverage and quality signal tracking for the best TV reception in SD and HD using Ku-band satellites. Models in this series include the Intellian i-2, i-3, i-4, i-5, i-6, and i-9.

Intellian t-series

The Intellian t-series satellite TV systems are designed for the bigger offshore vessels, superyachts, and cruise liners. The t-Series antennas have a 3-axis stabilized design for all regions worldwide.

The simple yet elegant mechanical design means never having to remove the radome during installation, which is easy with an all-in-one solution. The t-series antennas are pre-programmed with all the necessary satellite information required for the major satellite providers. So, when moving between regions, you simply manage the operation using a smart device like a phone or table.

Intellian’s WorldView LNB module automatically adjusts to the region’s local frequency. Models in the t-series include the Intellian t80, t100, t130, and t240.

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