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There are a wide-range of solutions available that enable you to access satellite Internet while traveling the country in an RV, truck, or trailer for recreational or business purposes. Distance and location are no longer barriers when it comes to global connectivity. 

Winegard Connect, Winegard antennas, and Thales MissionLink are just some of the manufacturers that offer robust hardware for instant communications.

In-motion and stationary use

Different products offer varying configurations and features that allow you to connect while on the move or when stationary. Our selection of products will ensure that you can find RV Internet solutions that best fit your needs.

Wi-Fi Extenders

There are various options available to connect to Wi-Fi and broadband sources that allow multiple wireless devices to access Internet services.


Winegard Connect offers Wi-Fi extenders that can broadcast wireless signals and connect to nationwide 4G LTE for uninterrupted Internet coverage whether in-motion or stationary. Any authorized wireless-enabled device can link up to the extender for reliable connectivity. The Winegard extenders are ideal for mobile use.


RedPort Halo Wi-Fi Extender System is a kit that includes a long-range extender and RedPort Optimizer Wi-Fi Hotspot as a complete package for Wi-Fi connectivity. Whether you’re at a truck or RV stop, on a moored vessel in the marina, you can use the extender to detect an authorized Wi-Fi network allowing your own devices to connect for Internet usage.

RV Antennas

To access continuous and quality Internet while traveling in an RV, antennas can be mounted to the roof of the vehicle and used whenever required.

Thales Missionlink

Thales’s Missionlink communication systems are rugged and optimized for all environments globally to offer round the clock connectivity.

The Thales Missionlink 350 for voice and data is a compact and lightweight antenna that is installed on a vehicle. It comes with sophisticated features that include IP data sessions up to 700kbps (down) /352kbps (up), streaming up to 256kbps, 3 high quality voice lines, location tracking, 4G LTE ready for iOS and Android, an embedded 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi access point and multiple user capabilities.


Winegard offers the 98cm and 1.2m antenna systems that feature auto-deployment and robust mechanics for accurate signal acquisition and reliable connectivity regardless of the terrain or weather. 

Winegard’s VSAT antenna systems come with a fully-integrated antenna controller that provides a one-button function to locate and connect to a Ku-band satellite within minutes. It has a low stow height and designed according to Mil-spec standards.

RV DataSat

The DataSat satellite system is an easy to install 85cm auto-deploy antenna that comes with a one-touch automatic ACU-1 Internet antenna controller, an iDirect X5 Modem, wireless router, control cable and all RF cabling. There are several 12-month data plans to choose from that allow unlimited web browsing, email, and other Internet services at competitive rates. 

Different plans offer different download and upload speeds like the DataSat Access 100 is 1mbps download/200kbps upload compared to the DataSat Access 400 which has a 2mbps download/1 mbps upload.

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