Under the SAILOR and Sea Tel brands, Cobham SATCOM offers the most diverse range of high-performance, reliable and feature-rich Ku-Band VSAT antenna systems available today.

Cobham antenna systems are sophisticated VSAT solutions designed for use on land or out at sea for dependable satellite communications. With the increasing demand for voice, email, web browsing, social media and data transfer offers diverse high-performance C- and Ku-band maritime antenna systems.  

C-band and Ku-band

C-band VSAT systems are usually used for trans-oceanic vessels that have significant communications requirements. C-band offers global coverage at top broadband speeds. Ku-band systems are increasingly popular and offer coverage over coastal shipping lanes. Ku-band is capable of covering deep water areas and new technology is able to overcome rain fade challenges.


The Cobham VSAT maritime systems are approved Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems, which are internationally approved for safety and communication protocols used by all marine vessels while out at sea. The Cobham range offers the best benefits of VSAT connectivity over the Ka or Ku-band frequencies.

Cobham SAILOR 600, 800, 900

The Cobham range includes the 600 VSAT Ka-band or Ku-band, the 800 Ku-band, and the higher end Cobham Sailor 900 optimized for Ku-Band and convertible to Ka-Band. The Cobham Sailor models increase with size to match the demands of communication needs on any vessel size under the most demanding conditions.

Elegantly designed the Sailor VSAT systems offer unmatched reliability and link stability on a global basis connecting maritime fleets and industries. The VSAT solutions offer vessel and equipment monitoring, and online collaboration which can significantly reduce operational costs and enhance safety and logistics.

Sea Tel

Sea Tel and Sailor are Cobham’s maritime product range. For reliable and superior bandwidth connectivity, the Cobham Sea Tel range of antennas allow for flexible and quick installations suitable for large vessels. Providing an abundance of solutions, Sea Tel has extensive satellite communications for robust connectivity.

Sea Tel Model 6012

The Sea Tel 6012 is a 3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system. Designed according to the leading XX09 marine stabilized antenna system the 6012 is the first 1.5m Ku-band system powered by integrated marine antenna (IMA) software. It’s supplied in a frequency tuned 76" (1.93m) radome and has an integrated control unit (ICU). It’s important to trust an electronic control solution with an efficient pointing accuracy in the maritime industry.

Key features include:

  • An extended web based secured user interface

  • Builtin remote management capabilities

  • Easy integration into network management systems through its Media Xchange Point (MXP),

  • An intuitive web user interface accessible most devices

  • Features a secured socket layer (SSL) password protection and multi-level data analysis capability.

  • easy to install

  • Engineered to meet some of the most demanding shock and vibration specifications, such as IEC 60721, IEC 60945 and MIL STD 167-1.

  • High performance and efficient RF components are integrated in the design of Sea Tel 6012 providing unparalleled reliability.

 The capabilities make the IMA software-enabled Sea Tel 6012 ready to face the communications needs of the maritime market in the 21st century.

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