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Starlink High Speed Portable Satellite Internet Terminal Rental

A new way to connect
Streaming, video calls, online gaming, remote working and more are now possible in even the most remote locations thanks to the world’s most advanced internet system.
How to Setup and Install your Starlink Kit

Get online in Minutes
Set up Starlink with just two steps. Instructions work in either order: 
Starlink requires an unobstructed view of the sky. Download the Starlink app to determine your best install location.
Starlink Standard Kit Contents

Rental Info

Rental Duration
The rental duration is the time from the start date until the Rental Kit is received back at our Calgary warehouse.  

Additional Data
Each rental includes free data.  Pre-purchasing extra data is required to keep using the service. 

Return Info
Return by courier or post with tracking, insurance and signature confirmation to: Canada Satellite, ATTN Rental Returns, #3365, 246 Stewart Green SW, Calgary, AB, T3H 3C8. IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE UPS FOR RETURN SHIPPING.

Return Waybill
Ease shipping back by selecting the return waybill. You will receive a printed, prepaid sticker in the box with your device. Simply replace the device into the box when you are done with it and call FedEx for a free pick up. Return Waybills may not be available from all locations.

Rental Insurance
Our rental insurance protects the renter from any costs involving damage (except water) or theft. Damaged items must be returned. In the case of theft, a police report or constables letter must be obtained. The insurance does not cover regular loss or water damage.

The Fine Print
All Starlink rentals require a $900 deposit (government and accredited educational institutions as well as organizations with accounts in good standing are exempt from deposits), payable by credit card at time of rental / shipment. All rental charges, airtime charges and shipping costs will be deducted from this deposit and balance will refunded to your credit card, typically within 7 days of return (longer in peak times). Rentals are billed from the required date, chosen by you, until the day the Rental Kit is returned to our Calgary warehouse.  Additional fees will apply if equipment returned late, missing accessories or dirty. Late fees are $499.95 / month. Cleaning fee is $50/ hour, 1 hour minimum per phone. No credit for early returns or unused data. The renter is solely responsible for the rented satellite equipment during the rental period. Ensure the equipment is adequately insured when returning your rental. Replacement value for the Starlink Rental Kit is US$1500 plus all rental, airtime and shipping charges. All satellite phone rentals subject to our rental agreement.

NOTE: If your order is placed online, you will receive an automated email with an Credit Card Authorization attached. Please fill out and return the form.  Otherwise a representative will contact you by phone to confirm all rental details.  At this time you will be asked to confirm your credit card and ID details (valid drivers licence, passport or any other government picture ID). This is done for security / deposit purposes. Our website is secure, and as such, we do not have access to you credit card information.

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