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VSAT antenna parts can be purchased separately to build custom VSAT systems or to replace damaged components in your current solution. VSAT is used for multiple applications in recreational, business, and government industries.

VSAT Systems

VSAT parts that make up a complete system comprises indoor and outdoor units. Indoor units include satellite modems, switches or routers that are connected to devices. The outdoor unit consists of a parabolic antenna dish, a feedhorn for the transmission and receiving of satellite signals, a block up converter (BUC) to convert uplink frequencies, and a Low Noise Block Converters (LNB) to convert received frequencies.

Outdoor Components

A VSAT satellite terminal can be installed permanently on fixed structures or deployed temporarily for on-demand service. You can choose a bundled VSAT system that comes with all the necessary peripherals or you can opt to buy individual accessories to upgrade or repair current systems.


Quick Deploy / Flyaway VSAT antennas can be easily stowed for transport and deployed outdoors when needed. There are a range of different flyaway systems provided by iNetVu and Cobham Explorer.

The iNetvu Ka 75V model is one of several options that comes in a one-piece solution in the lower end range that’s designed for small mobile offices or recreational use. Antenna sizes vary between 74cm and 1.8m, depending on your usage requirements. The higher end Cobham Explorer solutions are suited to intensive commercial and enterprise applications.


Ku- and C-band BUCs are available for flyaway VSAT antennas to convert a band of frequencies from a lower frequency to a higher frequency. The block upconverter (BUC) is used in the uplink transmission of satellite signals.


The iNetVu 7000 series of antenna controllers are installed hardware components to facilitate remote management of your VSAT system via a web interface. The Antenna Controllers can automatically locate a satellite and stow the antenna when not in use. It also enables the monitoring of real-time analytics such as signal strength, GPS coordinates, and motor currents. The iNetVu 3000 series are auxiliary handheld controllers to manually configure and control any iNetvu antenna without the use of a computer.


The Low Noise Block converter on the VSAT system receives and converts radio waves sent via a cable to the indoor receiver unit. Ku-band is preferred for smaller dishes that require less bandwidth. The Norsat 1107HA PLL LNB and New Japan Radio NJR2784H DRO LNB are available for Ku-band installations.


The Skyware Global C-BAND RxTx is a receive and transmit linear polarized die-cast feed electrically tested and matched for high usage applications.

Indoor Components

Satellite routers and switches make up the indoor components of a VSAT system to distribute Wi-Fi to other devices that need to utilize satellite communications.


The iDirect Evolution range offers integration and flexibility for diverse usage needs and features for advanced IP routing and security applications.


The Cisco Catalyst 24 port switch offers high-speed connectivity, security, and quality of service to enterprise networks. It allows the management and configuration of the setup via a user-friendly web interface.

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