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VSAT systems are portable Internet antenna solutions that offer on-demand connectivity. They come in different sizes to suit different applications and users anywhere in the world. The range of VSAT antennas are optimized to work in Ka, Ku, or C-band frequencies.


FlyAway VSAT comes as lightweight portable antennas. They can be moved outdoors and deployed on the ground whenever you need connectivity. Automatic and manual configurations are available, which determines if the signal acquisition is obtained manually or automatically.

Quick Deploy FlyAway Antennas

FlyAway antennas are stowed away and deployed at your destination. They are designed to be used around the globe in the remotest of places for recreational or commercial purposes and offer reliable telecommunications. AvL, Cobham, Intellian, and iNetVu are top manufacturers of VSAT systems.

AvL Technologies

AvL’s motorized flyaway antennas satellite Internet antenna are made for high-end use such as military and government applications. The VSAT solutions are available in the following configurations:

  • 1.0m tri-band antenna
  • 2m multi-band
  • 2.4m quad-band systems

They have a motorized cable drive for dependable positioning and are MIL-STD-188-164A compliant.


The iNetVu VSAT systems offer several different sizes such as the 75cm, 98cm, 1.2m, and 1.8m antennas that can be optimized for Ku-, Ka-, or C-band frequencies. These systems are compact and easy to deploy and install with self-pointing capabilities. The iNetVu solutions provide unfailing communication for military, SNG, and commercial operations. The signal acquisition is typically completed under 2 minutes with leveling capabilities for uneven surfaces.

Cobham Explorer

The Cobham Explorer advanced antenna systems are popular models that come as a 75cm or 1.2m antenna size and they can be optimized for Ku- and Ka-band frequencies.

The Cobham EXPLORER 5120 offers automatic deployment, and it is a user-friendly terminal that does not require specific experience or expertise. It allows connectivity to broadband applications over satellite and offers quality and seamless connectivity for Internet usage, VoIP, RoIP, FAX, data, and multimedia communications. This solution is suited to military, government, emergency, media, and remote settlement operations.

The Cobham Explorer 5075GX auto-deploy system can be set up with exceptional ease. Simple to configure and operate, it provides instant access to several types of broadband application over satellite. For continuity of business operations, remote video conferencing, and internet cloud services, as well as voice, radio, fax, and live broadcast, the Cobham range will be the ideal solution in any industry.

This Cobham Explorer manual point 75cm VSAT systems ensure high-quality connectivity for vital communication whatever the conditions. The GX model is configured specifically for operation on the Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) Ka-band network. It includes a separate GX base and allows for switching between Ka-band networks.


The LP100 Portable VSAT Intellian antenna is of superior quality and engineered for easy deployment and mission critical operations in unpredictable environments. Rapid deployment can be done within 5 minutes and the whole system is compact enough to fit into two backpacks.

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