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Vehicle Mounted VSAT Antennas

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VSAT vehicle antenna systems are robust and low-profile satellite dishes that are mounted onto a vehicle for on-demand connectivity. VSAT units are available in various sizes aimed to suit recreational, commercial, or government applications from anywhere in the world.

VSAT systems come in different configurations such as being manual or automatic, and geared for use while in-motion or only when stationary. The range of VSAT antennas are optimized for Ka, Ku, or C-band frequencies.

Manual and Automatic Antennas

VSAT satellite internet antennas are offered as manual or automatic systems. Automatic units are designed to automatically acquire a satellite signal when deployed while manual antennas require hands-on guidance to use a controller to establish a satellite link.


VSAT Drive-Away antennas are specifically designed to be installed on a vehicle and come with the necessary components for secure mounting. Generally, VSAT dish sizes larger than 1.2m offer better performance for intensive commercial use.

AvL Technologies

AvL’s range of new carbon fiber vehicle mounted antennas are lightweight systems with a wide array of capabilities. Offered in 2.4m, 1.6m, 1.2m, and 1m dishes, the motorized mounting system allows for varying degree adjustments, and precision reflectors.

Other motorized vehicle mounted VSATs include systems from 1m up to 3.8m and are turnkey solutions that include everything you need to install your AvL VSAT and get up and running. These systems deliver reliable high speed broadband internet connectivity to remote locations and are designed for use across all industries.


Starting with the smaller iNetVu Ka 75v and 98cm antenna systems, iNetVu’s range includes medium (1.2m and 1.5m) to larger antennas (1.8m) that are configured for Ka, Ku, X- or C-band.

These mobile antennas are easy to use with motorized, auto-acquiring signals for reliable connectivity via satellite. Designed for outdoor environments that are exposed to harsh weather conditions, iNetVu ensures top performance for critical communications.


Cobham offers high-end solutions for enterprise applications through its 1m, 1.2m, and 1.8m VSAT systems for key operations across the globe. 

Cobham also has a discreet EXPLORER 9092M Satcom-on-the-Move antenna that uses Ku-band when stationary or while the vehicle is in transit. This provides flexibility for users who need instant connectivity over any terrain.


Fly-away mobile VSAT antennas are portable units that are stowed until such time as you need to unpack and deploy the antenna on the ground when arriving at your destination.

Cobham EXPLORER 5120

Cobham’s auto-deploy 5120 VSAT is engineered for military, government, emergency, media, and remote settlement operations. It offers business continuity and reliable communications through videoconferencing, Internet cloud services, voice, data, radio, fax, and live broadcasting whenever required.

Cobham EXPLORER 3075 

The Cobham 75cm VSAT system has a modular design and allows for manual or automatic configuration. Available in Ka-band, it has a 4 piece carbon reflector, rugged, lightweight, and comes with a case and a tripod for easy storage and setup. This antenna is ideal for NewsSpotter services and has the versatility to transform to an Inmarsat GX terminal.

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