Marine Satellite Internet

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Marine satellite internet solutions and communication systems are engineered to withstand sea voyage across thousands of miles in all weather conditions. These high-powered antennas operate at optimal levels to ensure crew safety through voice and data satellite technology over different frequencies.


Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems are internationally approved for vessel tracking, fleet operations, and emergency maritime radio systems while offering advanced communication capabilities as well as marine satellite TV antennas.


Inmarsat is a leading satellite provider for communications for the marine industry. A range of systems use the Ka- and L-band network, which is suitable for vessels of any size. Inmarsat’s maritime satellite solutions and terminals offer data capabilities that provide 100 – 432 Kbps and simultaneous voice services from any location.

Fleet Xpress

Inmarsat Fleet Xpress is a managed satellite service with global GX (Ka-Band) and Fleet Broadband (L-Band) services that offer prepaid and postpaid plan services. It uses high-end VSAT systems that include the Cobham Sailor and Intellian range for medium, large, and military vessels that need sophisticated telecommunications across the seas.

Fleet One

Inmarsat’s Fleet One terminals are designed for both leisure and commercial vessels. The KVH marine satellite internet TracPhone and Cobham Sailor Fleet One are mid-range antennas for reliable and quality communications and entertainment content. Compact and lightweight, the terminals are easy to operate and install.


Inmarsat’s Fleet Broadband offers data and voice satellite communications through dependable and robust systems. Most of the FleetBroadband solutions include a VoIP handset for superior audio clarity, such as the Intellian range, Skipper 150, Cobham Sailor antennas, and the KVH TracPhone terminals.


With 66 low earth orbit satellites in place, the Iridium constellation provides true global coverage for seafarers needing high-quality voice, data, and marine internet access. The Iridium Certus and Iridium OpenPort antenna delivers an advanced communications platform using L-Band for critical connectivity.


The OpenPort antennas offer easy installation and management with high bandwidth and dependability. The Iridium Pilot terminal is the next generation delivering exceptional value, performance, and durability in the toughest sea conditions. It handles high-speed data, 3 independent voice lines and can be used as an indoor or outdoor unit.

Iridium Certus

Iridium Certus is a superior mobile broadband service using L-band for high-speed access over land and sea. The antennas are manufactured by Iridium, Cobham, Thales and Intellian and specifically designed as maritime terminals. These units operate with the Iridium Certus service for seamless 24/7 connectivity to manage videoconferencing, IoT, streaming, and standard email and Internet applications.

VSAT Systems

VSAT systems are exceptional, high-end solutions for marine satellite internet access and voice communications. It consists of a small satellite antenna and transceiver enclosed in a protective dome cover, which is installed above deck while working with a below deck unit to broadcast the satellite signal across the vessel.  

VSAT Brands

Cobham, Sea Tel, Intellian, and KVH manufacture VSAT solutions for large fleets to integrate business operations, facilitate onboard VPN networks, and offer file sharing, email, Internet, VoIP, and entertainment content access.

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