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Satellite TV networks in the USA, such as DirecTV and DISH, broadcast digital signals from geostationary satellites to satellite dishes on the Earth to bring you high-quality programming from various content providers. Consumers access satellite TV in the home or when traveling on the road or at sea using satellite dishes (antennas) that receive the satellite broadcast.

Antennas vary in size, starting from as small as 13-inches in diameter to much larger ones over 94-inches across. When the parabolic dish receives the signal, it is reflected to the feedhorn, which sends the signal to the LNB (low noise block converter). The signal is then amplified through the LNB before being sent through a cable to the satellite receiver connected to a television. In the USA, wireless satellite TV can be set up using a converter and wireless transmitter.


Mobile satellite TV in the USA are accessible through antennas mounted on top of a vehicle’s roof as a permanent fixture. The King Dome, and the Winegard Durasat and Roadtrip models are compact antennas encased in a protective dome with in-motion viewing. These satellite dishes installed on the exterior with automatic signal acquisition takes away the hassle of storage or manual configuration.


For North America satellite TV, the Winegard Carry Out G3 Bell Portable Dish is a small, lightweight unit that can be conveniently stowed and deployed outdoors when you reach your destination. Easy to set up with multiple TV viewing, it allows switching between DirecTV, DISH, and the Bell TV networks. This model can be attached on a vehicle or used on a tripod on level ground in an area unobstructed by trees or buildings.


With advances in satellite technology, you can also take your satellite TV out on the ocean. The Intellian Marine antenna systems offer the ultimate viewing experience across the low to high-end price range. These units can be programmed for satellite TV in South America and North America to access Bell TV, Brazil Claro, DirecTV North and Latin America and the DISH network.

Satellite TV Accessories

A broad selection of accessories can be purchased separately for different satellite dish models to replace parts or adapt the use of your current system:

  • Multi-dish switch.

  • Roof mounts and tripods for specific models.

  • Feed arm and reflector kits.

  • Dome and baseplates.

  • Antenna bases.

  • Satellite signal meter.

  • Carry bags.

Telecommunication Components

If you are looking for more than just satellite viewing pleasure and need to access data and voice applications as an emergency backup or for business purposes while traveling, additional devices are available for satellite telecommunications.

The KVH TracPhone antenna system offers smart data tools, VoIP, and Wi-Fi capabilities to stay connected where cellular networks cannot be accessed. While this system is geared for enterprise use, other more affordable devices such as the Winegard Connect 4G1 Wi-Fi Extender is ideal for RVs or vehicle use as it picks up Wi-Fi signals from RV parks or other authorized sources to connect laptops and smartphones for accessing Internet services.

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