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The Iridium Extreme 9575 is the latest handset offered by Iridium, a global leader in satellite communications. The sat phone is a highly robust and user friendly model for recreational users and across all industries that require remote communications where cellular networks are unavailable.

Rugged Design

Designed to military standards MIL-STD-810F with an ingress protection rating of 65, the Extreme satellite phone is geared for extreme conditions. It comes with all the voice, SMS, SOS, and GPS tracking capabilities to ensure reliable connectivity over the Iridium network from anywhere in the world.


Investing in satellite phone accessories is as important as having a satellite handset. When your travels take you to the remotest regions, the Iridium Extreme is a life-saving companion. Having power sources, cabling, holsters and cases, and backup components becomes a necessity in far to reach places.


Portable antennas are easy to carry and can be easily installed on temporary structures whenever you need to strengthen or access a satellite signal. These are available with magnetic mounts and standard cabled antennas that attach directly to the handset to get a clearer view of the sky.

The fixed antennas are permanently installed at remote sites and bolted to masts for improved satellite communications. Using cables with varying lengths, connected devices have trustworthy connectivity even in adverse weather conditions.

Data and Networking

The RedPort Optimizer range of VOIP gateway and data routers offer Wi-Fi, long-range cellular, and satellite broadband services to optimize data usage through web compression services, and help manage and monitor user access through Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The RedPort Halo Wi-Fi Extender system is ideal for long-range connectivity to Wi-Fi sources. It comes with a RedPort Optimizer Wi-Fi Hotspot device and a 10m Ethernet Cable. Set up the extender connected to the hotspot terminal to receive signals that are broadcast to your wireless devices.

Docking Stations

ASE, Beam, and SatStation manufacture compatible Iridium 9575 docking stations to enable versatile use of the satellite phone handset. Different models are designed for desktop, vehicle, or marine installations and offer a multitude of features and functions that can include an external speaker with microphone, PBX solutions, GPS tracking, anti-piracy capabilities, and privacy handsets.


To make sure your Iridium handset is always powered up and ready to use, it is critical to have backup and rechargeable batteries when traveling to isolated regions.

The High Capacity Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery offers up to 6.5 hours of talk time and 43 hours of standby time when in full network coverage. A full charge to 100% will take about 4 hours so keeping a spare working battery will ensure you are never stranded with a dead phone.


Our range of chargers include AC power kits with international adapters and DC chargers for vehicles. Solar chargers can be essential items when visiting areas without guaranteed power sources. 

The SolarBoost X, Goal Zero NOMAD 14 PLUS Solar Panel, and PowerTraveller Clamshell Solar Panel Extreme Solar are reliable options to access power for phones and batteries.

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