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Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone

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Canada Satellite offers the Iridium 9505A for sale with an ASE docking station and a wide selection of external accessories, such as the Iridium 9505A charger and battery, and the Iridium 9505A antenna.

This sat phone is a robust handset with quality voice calling. The 9505A iridium satellite phone price is at the higher end scale but it’s fast signal acquisition, ruggedness and ease of use makes up for it. This 9505A is a functional and necessary device to stay in contact when visiting remote or unsafe areas where you can’t depend on ground-based infrastructures.

Iridium 9505A Features

Being a well-built device, the chassis is water and shock resistant. Although slightly heftier than other Iridium phones, the rubber encased unit provides solid and durable protection in adverse conditions.

Its’ antenna rotates and directed upwards to connect to an Iridium satellite, and when the phone is not use, the antenna can be detached. The phone is not feature-rich – it’s a workhorse. So, if you want a practical mobile device with standard phone features like a phone book, messaging and call meters, this Iridium model is a reliable and resilient choice.

Iridium Phone Reception

Iridium's state-of-the-art satellite network has 66 active satellites in low orbit providing global communication coverage. The Iridium 9505A offers high-quality signal strength that’s easy to connect to and maintain for the call duration.

Iridium 9505A Accessories

The range of Iridium 9505A accessories include a multitude of components that gives you flexibility when connecting and using your satellite phone.

Batteries and Chargers

Rechargeable Li-ion batteries can be purchased separately as a spare or battery replacement. It takes over 3 hours to fully charge in a 9505A handset using a compatible charger. The Iridium 9505A AC travel charger can be bought with or without the international plug kit bundle. Separate parts available also include a vehicle adapter, charging cable and a foldable solar charger.

Headsets and Antennas

The handsfree headset is a safe, convenient way to keep talking while you keep working or driving. The retractable earpiece is compatible with most Iridium satellite phones. To boost your satellite signal, you can attach an external antenna. The choice of antennas give you the option to permanently fix or temporarily mount an aerial with a magnet. Cable antennas are also available, which are more portable.

Docking Station

The Applied Satellite Engineering docking station is a high-tech solution for indoor and outdoor use. With your phone securely cradled, you can continue to utilize satellite communications with PBX features.

Iridium Phone Plans

The Iridium 9505A has several plans for global or regional use. If you’re traversing the globe, choose the Global Plan in a post- or prepaid option, or if you’re only visiting one region, then you only need one area-specific plan. The Prepaid plans come with a SIM card to load airtime vouchers or make a once-off purchase with a bundled rate. The Postpaid plans conveniently allow you to purchase a package of airtime minutes on a monthly subscription.

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