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As a subscriber to DirecTV, Bell TV or Dish Satellite TV, you can choose from a wide variety of compatible satellite dishes designed for installation on an RV, truck, or marine vessel. We have a range of accessories to complement your satellite Internet system ensuring quality connectivity.

Choosing Satellite TV

Satellite television is a great option for mobile entertainment and offers superior viewing when traveling across land or sea. Satellite TV has the added benefit of always being available from any location worldwide.

Satellite Dishes

Select from our range of satellite antennas for on-the-move satellite TV that come with optional accessories such as switches, installation mounts, and more to keep your system up and running throughout your travels.


Winegard has an assortment of VSAT systems and compact antennas ideal for mobility purposes. The range includes the Winegard TRAV'LER satellite dish or the compact Durasat and RoadTrip dome models that offer in-motion satellite TV viewing.

If you’re out camping or need connectivity at a temporary location, the Winegard Carry Out G3 Bell Portable Dish is easy to store and deploy on a tripod at your destination.

The Winegard Connect 4G LTE extenders is a great accessory for Internet services. Connect to a valid Wi-Fi source and broadcast the signal to nearby wireless devices for browsing and email applications.


Intellian offers sophisticated, lightweight VSAT solutions encased in robust domes engineered to withstand harsh terrains and environmental conditions. The range of options are suitable for entry-level to enterprise satellite TV viewing and are ideal for maritime use regardless of the vessel size.

Intellian also has satellite TV accessories that include multi-switches, replacement domes, baseplates, and spare parts kits in convenient carry cases.

King Dome

The King Dome in motion satellite TV units are sleek and discreet without having to stow or deploy. They offer quality connectivity while on the road. The dome is installed and operates on any moving vehicle to provide an always-on satellite connected to a service provider.

You can enjoy satellite and HD broadcast TV from one antenna system. It comes complete with automatic satellite signal acquisition and obtains additional channels from multiple directions without the effort of having to readjust the antenna.

The King Dome is designed to be with an easy one touch operation to access digital video broadcasting technology. These units are available in black or white.


The KVH TracVision stabilized satellite TV systems can be used for auto, RV, or marine travel to bring the latest in satellite viewing programming. The TracVision TV-series provides quality and reliable performance to enjoy countless channels in digital HD or SD TV via regional Ku-band services around the world.

Additional options like the TracPhone LTE-1 for mobile Internet gives users instant and reliable connectivity through its dual antenna array, GPS, modem, and Wi-Fi router for top broadband data speeds.

The high-end TracPhone V11 is a dual-mode antenna using Ku/C-band VSAT for fast broadband connections. It offers redundancy, extended coverage, and low latency for critical and secure enterprise communications.

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