Iridium GO!

The Iridium GO! works with the device specific plans below, as well as standard phone plans.

Iridium GO! is a rugged, portable, and compact unit that provides global connectivity for voice and data communications in remote regions using the Iridium satellite network. It supports the simultaneous connection of up to five different smart devices.

How it works

The Iridium GO! is a satellite phone and Wi-Fi Hotspot that allows devices to connect for voice calling, SMS, and data capabilities without incurring roaming charges. If traveling in groups, this unique device lets users extend the use of their smart devices to keep in touch even if cellular networks are unreachable.

Data and Voice Plans

To activate and use the Iridium GO!, you’ll need a SIM card and a satellite data plan for temporary or long-term use that allows for both voice and/or data services.


With an Iridium SIM card, you can opt for prepaid plans that are valid for 6 months with 3000 SMS preloaded or if you need more flexibility, choose a top-up option with a 12 month prepaid plan that gives you the convenience of loading data or airtime whenever you need it.


Iridium GO! postpaid plans come in different packages that range from 5, 75, or 150 data minute plans, or unlimited subscriptions with a minimum term commitment. Postpaid plans are ideal for users with daily communication needs over a long-term period. Simply pay on a monthly basis without the hassle of having to top-up or deal with the worry of running low on credit.

Voice Plans

Voice plans are also available in postpaid and prepaid plans for users who need access to airtime. The plans are based on regions and come with varying loaded airtime options. If you’re traveling in North America, you can choose from the Iridium Northern Lights (Canada and Alaska) prepaid plan or if you don’t want to be restricted to a specific region, the Global plan will be more practical.

Iridium GO! Key Features

Connect to the Iridium satellite network and setup a Wi-Fi hotspot for your team. It supports voice calls, email access, social networking, photo and file sharing, GPS tracking, and SOS alerts.

Designed for travel across rugged terrains, the device can endure exposure to sand, dust, and rain. For anyone going to far-off places, this is an essential and cost-effective device to ensure connectivity for safety, business, or recreational reasons. It is recommended to invest in power sources and backup Iridium GO! batteries.

  • Wi-Fi offers data speeds of 2.4kbps within a 100 foot radius.
  • Reliable voice and SMS capabilities.
  • Easy installation entails flipping up the antenna and powering up the unit.
  • Includes GPS location and emergency services integrated with the Global Response Service (GEOS).
  • Guaranteed global communications service.
  • Military-grade ruggedness (MIL-STD 810F).
  • Ingress Protection (IP65).
  • Battery has a standby time of 16hours and a talk time of 7 hours.


What’s included

When purchasing a new Iridium GO! device, you will receive a battery, universal AC travel charger, car charger, USB charging and data cable, four international adapters, a protective cover, user manual and supporting documentation.

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Your SIM card will be shipped inactive.  Once you receive your sim, visit the activation page to initiate your service.

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Once you receive your new SIM card, contact us when you are ready for your card to be activated. Activation requests can be made 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via the SIM Activation Page.
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The Iridium GO! functions over your phones Bluetooth connection. No SIM card change is needed on your phone. ... Read more
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