Iridium 9555 Docking Stations

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Iridium 9555 Docking Stations

The Iridium 9555 satellite phone is a practical and robust handset that provides data, voice, and messaging capabilities that has a selection of accessories such as the satellite docking station, chargers, and antennas. The Iridium 9555 works with Iridium’s sophisticated satellite network to provide pole-to-pole coverage over L-band for quality communication anywhere in the world.

How Docking Stations Work

Different makes and models like the ASE DK075 docking station can be installed indoors for an integrated mobile office setup. A docking station connects to an outdoor antenna via a coaxial cable and provides a stable satellite signal for continuous communication.

Varying configurations and features are available depending on your sat phone model and budget.

ASE Docking Stations

Applied Satellite Engineering offers different Iridium 9555 docking station models, namely the ASE DK050 and ASE DK075 series with mounting kits sold separately.

ASE DK050 Range

The ASE DK050 comes as a fixed unit to securely hold your sat phone while providing a battery charge along with other enhanced features such as handsfree operation, base station ringer, and multiple Antenna options. The ASE DK050-H model comes with a privacy handset that is lightweight and securely attached for on-demand use.

ASE DK075 Range

The ASE DK075 is a practical accessory to fix to a vehicle or vessel and includes an RJ11 connection and PBX integration that allows for integrated use of analog and cordless phones up to a two mile unobstructed range. The DK075-H ASE docking station is supplied with a privacy handset for a convenient and private mode of operation.

Beam Docking Stations

There are several Beam satellite phone docking stations compatible with the Iridium 9555 device. Whether you need a cradle for handsfree Bluetooth communication, fixed units connected to external antennas, or Anti-piracy solutions for vessels, Beam has a range of high-end docking stations that provide quality communication and extended functionality.

Privacy Handsets

Privacy handsets can be purchased separately such as the Beam Intelligent (RST970), which is compatible with the RemoteSAT RST100, TranSAT RST620, SatDOCK-G 9555, and DriveDOCK Extreme. For the PotsDock or IntelliDock stations, the RST755 handset model is available.


You can choose a basic secure cradle to hold an Iridium 9555 phone in any mobile environment. The Handsfree Dock is another model that comes with a separate amplified speaker allowing you to keep working while communicating. The SatStation Desktop is ideal for a remote office or command center and a practical choice for conference calling. It has a fixed phone and a cradle for the Iridium 9555, so you have the flexibility to stay in touch whether you’re at your desk or walking around.

Portable Kits

The SatStation Box Kit and SatStation Bag Dock are portable phone kits that include a carry case to keep your docking station and accessories connected while out on-site. These portable solutions offer handsfree voice and data communication and two mode operation for loudspeaker or private talk using the privacy handset.

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