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VSAT antennas are small satellite antennas that can be conveniently stowed, transported, and deployed on-demand. Permanently installed VSAT units can also be permanently mounted to fixed sites or vehicles to access high-speed data communications or satellite TV from remote locations.

VSAT Frequencies

Satellite VSAT communication works over different frequencies. C-band is mostly used for voice and data communications and backhauling. Because C-band is weaker, it needs a larger antenna. However, because it works on a lower frequency range, it performs much better than the other frequencies during adverse weather conditions on the ground.

Ku-band is mostly used for consumer direct-to-home access, distance learning applications, retail, and enterprise connectivity. The antenna sizes are smaller than C-band because the higher frequency allows for higher gain, which is achieved with small antenna sizes. Networks in this band are prone to rain fade, specifically in tropical areas

Ka-band is used for two-way consumer broadband and military networks. These antennas can be very small and transmission power is much greater than any of the other frequency band beams.

VSAT Antenna Specifications

Sizes typically range from 74cm up to 2.4m VSAT antennas. Depending on the configuration, VSAT systems operate in Ku-band and C-band, and with the launch of Ka-band satellite, Ka-band frequencies are available for high-bandwidth, bidirectional VSAT services for commercial and enterprise applications.

Quick Deploy/Flyaway VSAT

Quick deploy/Flyaway VSAT systems are lightweight and designed for portability. They are easily moved outdoors to be deployed on the ground and can have automatic or manual signal acquisition for high-speed satellite Internet. VSAT systems also offer Wi-Fi and phone connectivity to provide comprehensive telecommunication services.


The iNetVu mobile VSAT antennas include varying sizes such as 74cm, 75cm, 80cm, 98cm, 1m, 1.2m, and 1.8m, which can be optimized for Ku-, Ka-, or C-band frequencies. These systems are compact and easy to deploy and install with self-pointing and auto-acquiring capabilities.

Antennas that need manual configuration are compatible with iNetVu antenna controllers that provide full control, management, and operation of the VSAT antenna.

Cobham Explorer

The Cobham Explorer range includes VSAT antenna sizes of 75cm and 1.2m and optimized for Ku- and Ka-band frequencies. The Cobham Explorer 3075 and 3075GX weigh 12 kg for ease of transport and the GX model is specifically configured for the Inmarsat Global Xpress network, a global high-speed broadband network managed by a single operator.

Cobham EXPLORER 5120 deploys automatically and is an easy to use terminal that requires no experience or expertise. It allows connectivity to broadband applications over satellite and offers quality and seamless connectivity for Internet usage, VoIP, RoIP, FAX, data, and multimedia communications.

Fixed VSAT

Skyware Global offers fixed VSAT antennas for permanent installation at a remote office or home. The product range includes 1.8m C/Ku-band, 1.2m Ku-band, and 2.4m Ku-band VSAT antennas.

These affordable and high quality antennas are ideal for small use applications that include IP access, TVRO (Television Receive Only) Transmit and Receive SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) and Receive-only services.

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