Iridium Airtime FAQs
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Iridium Airtime FAQs

Overview - Iridium offers a number of prepaid and postpaid airtime options to suit all types of usage.
Pre Paid - Pre paid SIM cards are available for global use, as well as several discounted regional options including Canada / Alaska (Northern Lights), Africa, Middle East and North America, South America.
Post Paid - Post paid plans offer the convenience of global coverage without worrying about running out of minutes.

Your Iridium SIM card will be shipped inactive and will not be activated until you receive it and submit an activation request.
Recharges - Adding more minutes to your SIM card is quick and easy. You can recharge online, by phone, by email or by text message from your satellite phone.
Shipping - We offer free shipping anywhere in the world on all Iridium SIM cards. Free shipping is by standard first class mail and does not offer tracking information. We also offer Express Economy and Overnight shipping services.
Iridium Northern Lights (Canada / Alaska - Valid 6 Months)
The Iridium Northern Lights prepaid minute SIM card is designed for use exclusively within Canada and Alaska with all Iridium satellite phones, including the new Iridium 9575 Extreme, Iridium 9555, Iridium 9505A, Iridium 9505 and all older lagacy phones. The minutes are valid for 6 months from activation and roll over as long as you renew prior to expiry. A grace period of 270 days after the minutes are used or 90 days after expiry. Once the grace period lapses, a new SIM card will be required.

Accounts FAQs
What are the Iridium per minute charges?
Iridium minutes vary by plan.

Category Questions

Currently, number portability is not supported between Service Partners with Iridium Service.
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The "Blocked" message indicates that the sim pin has been entered incorrectly 3 times, and will require the PUK (PIN Unblock Code) to reset the PIN. In order to obtain your PUK code it will be necessary to contact your Service Partner for assistance.

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SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards are currently used in all GSM-based systems. The SIM card is a removable module that contains user identity and account information; when inserted into a telephone, it allows you to place or receive calls. 
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Yes you do need an active SIM card to use your Iridium voice/telephony services. We provide online services for you to activate at your conviencence. With prepaid cards you also have the ability to enable Auto recharge, this ensures no lost minutes or expiration of your service if you are traveling or "off the grid". A valid CC on file is required. 
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Yes, the 4 - digit SIM pin can be changed. For specific instructions please refer to the appropriate user manual. If additional assistance is needed, please contact your Service Partner.

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Dial 2888 (+2888 or 002888 will also work) on your Iridium phone and press the green key.

To receive an SMS message with your prepaid balance, send a blank SMS message to 2888 (+2888 or 002888 will also work). The Iridium system will respond with the number of remaining ISU-PSTN minutes in the account, the number of days until the account expires, and the date and time (GMT) of expiration in English.


The prepaid balance is calculated based on ISU-PSTN minutes. If you place a large amount of ISU-other satellite calls, the announced minutes will be higher than actual. If you place a large number of ISU-ISU calls, the announced minutes will be lower than actual.

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Your service may have been suspended due to a negative account balance. Your SIM card will remain suspended until you can recharge the account with additional prepaid units. If this account is not recharged, it will remain suspended until it expires. You will need to contact your Service Provider to recharge your account.

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The ability to dial a toll free number is determined by provider of the toll free number.

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