Iridium 9575 Extreme Antennas

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Iridium Extreme 9575

The Iridium Extreme 9575 handset is an all-in-one satellite communications device for SMS, voice, SOS, and GPS tracking. Together with an Iridium antenna, you can be rest assured you’ll always stay connected anywhere and under any conditions.

Antenna Advantages

Satellite phones need a direct line of sight to the sky to connect to a satellite, so having a compatible Iridium 9575 antenna lets you operate your sat phone indoors and under shelters. The range of antennas include portable and fixed units for improved connectivity.

Iridium 9575 Extreme Antennas

Iridium Extreme accessories are an essential addition when purchasing a satellite phone that includes backup power, antennas, docking stations, and Wi-Fi peripherals to enhance communications. Our selection of antennas are designed for all terrains allowing travelers, business users, and emergency teams to always stay in touch.

Portable Antennas

Portable antennas are essential for those who travel and work in remote areas and need temporary connectivity. They are easily attached to any surface to access satellite communications. Magnetic mounted antennas are attached to the handset via cables and can be securely fastened to surfaces using a magnet.

These antennas are inexpensive yet durable and robust for use on cars, trucks, and trains. The Iridium Antcom Aviation antenna has a hermetically sealed suction cup that’s engineered for light aircraft, but it is suitable for multi-purpose environments.

The Beam Iridium / GPS WHIP Antenna is designed to be highly flexible for multiple installation options. It comes with a 5m GPS antenna cable offering Dual Mode GPS capabilities. This is a cost-effective solution ideal for vehicle and land applications. It is compatible with Beam tracking products such as the Iridium Extreme and 9555 docking stations as well as other Iridium/GPS-based satellite devices.

Mast Mounted

Mobile phone satellite antennas can also be permanently fixed to masts or other structures at remote sites to ensure reliable satellite communications. Different length cables are available to connect the handset from varying distances. Built to withstand adverse weather conditions, mast mounted antennas can work with different compatible devices to provide voice and Internet connectivity around the globe.

Iridium Beam and AeroAntenna antennas deliver superior performance for indoor and outdoor applications ensuring constant connectivity. There are various options for companies, fleets, and recreational users depending on your requirements. The Dual Mode antennas use navigation systems for location tracking. Omnidirectional antennas are designed to sustain optimal connectivity between the terminal and satellites.

You also get Active and Passive antennas which are similar in specifications and capabilities, but the Active antenna comes with an in-built amplifier. The antennas transmit and receive, and the Active antenna receives a signal and then boost it using the integrated amplifier. This makes Active antennas perfect where longer cable runs are needed.

The amplifiers do not have any impact on the antenna’s ability to attain the receiving signal. In contract, Passive antennas do not have an in-built amplifier and will be better suited to short cable runs.

Category Questions

Satellite phones require line of sight to the satellite to connect. They do not have enough transmit power to go through walls etc. 

We suggest a Docking Station with an RJ11 port, this enables you to connect a cordless phone to the docking station and roam freely indoors. 

This type of installation requires an antenna mounted at the highest point possible on the roof. We would need to know what length cable to provide as well, the proper size is needed to ensure signal propagation, this is a vital aspect of the install. 

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