Inmarsat BGAN Link
Broadband service for when you need high volumes of Standard IP data in one location, for office apps such as email, web browsing and VPN access.

A broadband data service for users who require high monthly volumes of always-on Standard IP data for sustained periods of operation.

BGAN Link enables companies working in remote areas to quickly set up a remote office and gain instant access to standard workplace tools, such as email, web browsing and VPN.

BGAN Link supports data connection at speeds of up to half a megabit, which is ideal for email, internet, and corporate VPN access.

Monthly plans
BGAN Link Unlimited
BGAN Link Unlimited* is an all you can eat 30GB monthly data package* available globally on a 3 or 12 month subscription.

* As part of Inmarsat’s fair use policy, when data usage exceeds 30GB per month, it will be throttled (using SAC-C)

BGAN Link Backup
BGAN Link always-on broadband data backup plans are designed to support primary communications equipment seamlessly in the case of outage or equipment failure. The plans ensure businesses retain communications continuity and are available globally on a 12-month subscription.

Reliable network
BGAN Link operates over the Inmarsat-4 network, with its record of 99.9 per cent satellite and ground network availability.

Reliable L-band service
BGAN Link’s connection is maintained even during extreme environmental conditions. Its L-band radio technology gives it a high degree of pointing tolerance even during strong winds or seismic activity.

BGAN Link supports all major VPN products and encryption standards and meets military and government requirements.

Easy to set up and maintain
Accessed using robust terminals that are quick and easy to set up, with a broadband connection established within minutes.

Easy to use
No technical expertise or training is needed to set up and use BGAN Link. All terminals are plug and play, with online connection in minutes.

BGAN Link is available worldwide, with the exception of the extreme Polar Regions, and subject to agreement with your service provider.

Low power consumption
Terminals that access BGAN Link have low power consumption and can run off mains, batteries or re-charged through solar panels. Some terminals in the range have been specially designed to sustain ultralow power consumption for extended fixed site applications.

General applications
FTP and file transfer
ICT for remote operations
Broadband internet access
Intranet access
Secure VPN access
Short message email
Store and forward video
Time-critical data transfer
Video conferencing

Bespoke applications
IP SCADA for data backhaul
Bank transactions
Data centre management
Fixed monitoring – remote surveillance
Fixed monitoring – remote telemetry
Fixed monitoring – remote tracking
On-line collaboration
Radio network integration
Remote GSM
Secure and encrypted ATM/PoS solution
Situational awareness
Social and welfare communications
Telemetry – SCADA
Temporary field office communications

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