With SiteLink, enterprise customers, service providers and telcos operating anywhere in Canada and the continental United States can have the data speeds required for today’s bandwidth rich applications along with unsurpassed cost control

SiteLink advantages
• Data speeds up to 25 Mbps for downloads and 2 Mbps for uploads
• Customers define the priority level for various types of data
• Each priority level has a different charge per GByte
• Invoicing is done by the GByte
• Track consumption through web portal and e-mail notifications
• Full coverage of Canada and the continental United States
• Small remote terminal equipment: VSAT antenna, BUC, broadband modem

Exciting New Technology & Capabilities
SiteLink service runs on iDirect’s latest satellite platform. It capitalizes on the new capabilities of ACM and DVBS2 technology to give you the industry’s most robust and reliable solutions for remote operations.

Remote sites that have been prone to signal interruption due to poor weather conditions will now stay connected when storms roll in. ACM technology automatically adjusts the signal rate to compensate for signal attenuation due to clouds, rain, and snow. Remote sites will now maintain satellite links in all but the most severe conditions.

With SiteLink, customers set the transmission priority for their data usage
• Priority 1 • The highest priority recommended for real-time protocol traffic such as VOIP, emergency response (disaster recovery, retail backup, communications), video conference (Skype, Telepresence) when traffic in real time is needed
• Business Priority (Default) • Medium level priority (enterprise day-to-day business traffic) that takes priority over recreational priority usage • If no priority usage is identified the default is medium priority
• Recreation Priority • Best effort usage allows for all other types of traffic to pass at a lower cost when bandwidth is available

FlexPlan pricing
• A low monthly connection fee
• Usage based billing; pay only for the data you use
• Detailed billing records by terminal
• Up to three year pricing available
• Reseller plan available with bulk purchases

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