Satellite Phone Docking Stations

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A satellite docking station is a sophisticated accessory that provides extended functionality and features for a handheld satellite phone. When placing the sat phone into a docking station, you can access hands-free PBX features while connected to a satellite communications service. This is ideal for a portable or fixed office setup in remote locations. 

How Docking Stations Work

A satellite phone docking station can be placed indoors and uses a coaxial cable to connect to an outdoor antenna to maintain a line-of-sight connection. This provides a stable and strong satellite signal for your telecommunication requirements and it keeps the sat phone’s battery charged. You can remove the handset to keep talking while on the move.

Docking Station Models

Different configurations and features are available in several docking station models, depending on the sat phone you are using and your budget limitations. Various functionalities include loudspeaker or privacy mode, a noise-canceling microphone, Bluetooth integration, SOS features or Wi-Fi capabilities.

Iridium Docking Stations

The Iridium 9555 satellite phone docking station comes in different designs suited for a vehicle installation or as a desktop model. ASE, Beam, and SatStation manufacturers offer compatible docking stations with extensive features. If you’re looking for a basic phone cradle, the Beam IntelliDOCK 9555 is perfect for the Iridium 9555 handset. It provides inbuilt Bluetooth capabilities, a USB data port, and an integrated antenna for stable connectivity.

The SatStation Desktop models are best suited for users who need a remote office environment while offering portability and functionalities for professional requirements. There are several options for an Iridium 9575 extreme docking station such as the ASE 9575 that comes with an external speaker and microphone, the Beam LiteDOCK or the Beam DriveDOCK that allow for vehicle or remote office installations to keep you in touch everywhere you go. Some of the Beam docking stations are bundled with an external antenna that can be fixed outdoors to offer seamless connectivity while the device is used indoors.

Inmarsat Docking Stations

Various Beam docking stations are also compatible with the IsatPhone PRO and IsatPhone 2 handsets. Convenient and easy-to-use, you can choose models for use in your car, boat, or office for flexible and continuous satellite services. The IsatDock LITE securely holds the IsatPhone 2, which comes with Bluetooth for hands-free communication.  If you need a robust docking station for marine use, Beam IsatDock2 Marine comes bundled with the docking station and external Oceana antenna. The IsatDock2 is IP54 rated and specially designed for maritime application. Unique features include an RJ11/POTS with a hands-free speakerphone as well as an active privacy handset.

Thuraya Docking Stations

Manufactured specifically for Thuraya sat phones, the FDUXT and FDUXT PLUS are multi-functional with GmPRS and Fax services and offer high-quality voice transmissions. Perfect for as an office docking adaptor, these docking stations are compatible with the Thuraya XT and XT-PRO satellite phones. The satellite and GPS antenna allows you use of the sat phone indoors while maintaining seamless satellite connectivity.

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