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We are pleased to provide you with your new Iridium SIM card.  Your satellite phone number will be assigned at the time of activation.  To activate your SIM card call 1-855-552-2623 (24/7), email [email protected], or text 1-403-918-6300.
Please ensure you are aware of your SIM expiry date.  If you do not recharge your SIM card before the expiry date, you will lose any unused minutes.  You then have 90 days from the expiry date to recharge your SIM card.  After 270 days, your card will be permanently deactivated.  To recharge your SIM card call 1 (403) 918-6300 or toll free 1 (855) 552-2623 or email [email protected]

Call an Iridium satellite phone from a Canada / US landline:  011 - 8816 - XXXX - XXXX
* If the call does not go through, it may mean that the caller's long distance service provider may not have international service carrying the 881 Iridium country code (the international prefix for the Iridium Satellite system).  Please call the two stage dialing number listed below to bypass the issue.
Call an Iridium satellite phone from outside the US:  (Int'l Access Code) - 8816 - XXXX - XXXX
Call an Iridium satellite phone from a satellite phone:  00  - 8816 - XXXX - XXXX
*Two stage Dialing:
- Dial the 2 stage number:  480-768-2500
- Wait for a voice prompt to enter in the 12 digit satellite phone number.
*The minutes will be applied to the airtime bill of the satellite phone number.  Caller is only responsible for a regular call to Tempe, Arizona, USA.
   1.   From the main menu, select 'Messages', 'Settings', and 'Service Center'.
   2.   Enter +881662900005 then select 'OK' by pressing the left soft key.  To enter the + symbol, press and hold the 0 key.
   1.  From the main menu, select 'Voicemail', 'Voicemail Settings', and 'Number'
   2.   Enter +881662990000 then select 'OK' by pressing the left soft key.  To enter the + symbol, press and hold the 0 key.

TEST YOUR SATELLITE PHONE / CALL 00 - 1 (480) 752-5105*
As a service to all Iridium satellite phone users, Iridium provides you with the opportunity to test your satellite phone to ensure it is functioning properly.  If your phone is working, you will hear a call completion confirmation message as well as some quick tips on proper handset usage.  If you discover that your phone is not operational, call 1-855-552-2623 (24/7), email [email protected].
*Calls from Iridium handsets will not be charged airtime.
From Iridium Phone Dial 4493, then press 'OK'
Canada Office 1-403-918-6300
Email [email protected]

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