Marine VSAT Satellite Internet Communications Systems

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Designed specifically for sea voyage, maritime VSAT systems ensure optimal operations and crew safety using data and voice technology, and vessel tracking over different VSAT frequencies that determine connection quality and coverage.

Generally, C-band is a lower frequency range and uses larger antennas and provides high quality satellite Internet communication in bad weather. Ku-band and Ka-band are higher, powerful frequencies using smaller antennas but are usually more vulnerable to cloudy and rainy conditions.

Components of Marine VSAT Systems

Typically, marine VSAT systems consist of a small satellite antenna and transceiver enclosed in a protective dome cover. It is installed as an Above Deck Unit meaning it’s situated outside on the ship. It works with a Below Deck Unit that is placed inside, which manages the external antenna and broadcasts the satellite signal to connected devices in and around the vessel.

Marine Connectivity

Maritime VSAT integrates business operations continuing back on land with the vessels out at sea. These systems can facilitate onboard VPN networks for entire fleets for increased connectivity to information and people through file sharing, email, instant messaging, VoIP, and entertainment content access.

Hardware and installation costs depend on the type and size of VSAT system required for your vessel and is usually determined by usage being low, medium, or high. VSAT are cost-effective marine satellite internet systems for fleets needing basic services or enterprise connectivity requirements.

Cobham and Sea Tel

The entry level Cobham Sailor systems are ideal for smaller vessels with smaller budgets while harnessing the full benefits of VSAT connectivity. The popular Cobham Sailor 900 is optimized for Ku-Band and convertible to Ka-Band if required and offers advanced features for higher bandwidth and data throughput. The Cobham and Sea Tel models increase with size to match the demands of communication needs on any vessel size.


Intellian’s V-Series range of antennas have an open system architecture to integrate with all major satellite service providers for greater flexibility. Designed to operate in the toughest sea conditions, Intellian VSAT systems ensure superior RF performance and reliability. Radome dimensions and reflector diameters come in varying sizes to fit small and large ships to ensure uninterrupted satellite communications.


The KVH Mini-VSAT Broadband solution offers different products for medium and large yachts. The TracPhone V3 is a fast, ultra-light Ku-band VSAT with download speeds of up to 5 Mbps and upload speed of 2 Mbps. The TracPhone V11 is a world first with its combined Ku/C-band system enabling video and music streaming, and any data intensive applications with superior reception.

KVH Inmarsat FleetBroadband models, the KVH TracPhone FB150, FB250 and FB500 antenna systems provide powerful communication with the easy installation. The different dome sizes are designed to work with the TracVision M-series satellite TV systems and come with a VoIP phone. These systems are ideal for superyachts or commercial vessels and offer full compatibility with Inmarsat's satellite network.

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