Inmarsat Fleetphone

The Inmarsat satellite network is a leading satellite communications provider across multiple industries. Inmarsat’s global coverage delivers high-quality end-to-end service and a range of capabilities for operational and critical communications. With 13 satellites in geostationary orbit, Inmarsat delivers broadband voice and data services around the world.

Maritime Solutions

Inmarsat offers different maritime satellite solutions for vessels of any size that need communication access when out of reach from land-based networks. Inmarsat Fleet One, Fleetphone, and FleetBroadband are popular cost-effective services available to the marine industry.

Inmarsat Terminals

Inmarsat’s terminal equipment is engineered to provide a fixed solution for vessels and fleets that need dependable voice communication when out at sea. The FleetPhone service offers multiple uses that include a service for an entire crew, redundancy for primary communications, or an emergency backup for leisure sailors.

Beam Oceana Maritime Fixed Phone

Inmarsat maritime voice and data solutions are provided through the Beam Oceana 400 and 800 terminals that come with a Beam Active Mast Mount Antenna offering a fully integrated system. The robust units are ideal for sea or land-based communications.

The Oceana 400 slimline terminal provides basic but reliable voice and data communications and the Oceana 800 terminal is an advanced all-in-one maritime solution offering extensive features. Both of the Beam Oceana terminals allow access to the Inmarsat GSPS, IsatPhone Link and FleetPhone satellite services with access to features such as SMS, RJ11/POTS connection, PABX Integration, USB, and SIM slots.

The Oceana 800 model offers more comprehensive functionality with Bluetooth, tracking, personal alerts, and an emergency calling facility that puts vessels in direct contact with a maritime rescue coordination center free of charge.

Inmarsat Beam Basic Piracy Kit

With Inmarsat’s spot beams generated by each of its satellites, you can rely on quality and instant communication when out at sea. The Basic Piracy Kits are offered in the Oceana 400 and 800 model terminals that come with covert antennas to ensure protection of communication access when a vessel is under threat.

Beam Oceana Deluxe Anti-Piracy Kit

The Beam Oceana 800 comes packaged in a complete solution with top-end features that include a dedicated internal GPS receiver, reporting when the engine ignition is switched on and off, remote location polling, and tracking. The sophisticated in-built technology is designed to monitor and locate vessels that are endangered in the event of a pirate attack.

Inmarsat FleetPhone SIM Card

The terminals used during sea voyage require an active Inmarsat FleetPhone SIM that offers cost-effective communication from anywhere in the world. It provides access to a number of services that ensure the safety and accessibility of all those on-board.

  • Messages can be sent to an email address or SMS number.

  • Automatic tracking can be enabled for land-based operations or contacts to monitor the vessel’s movement.

  • Access data services at < 2.4kbps, which allows use of basic applications such as email and GRIB Weather files. To keep track of costs, you can set up usage alerts.

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