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Ontario Hunting Seasons

2013 Wild Turkey Seasons  (April, May, October)

2013 Deer Seasons  (gun, rifle)  (September to December)

2013 Deer Seasons - Bows only  (archery equipment)  (September to December) 

2013 Deer Seasons - Controlled Hunts  (primarily shotguns, muzzle-loaders in southern Ontario)   (November to December)

2013 Elk Seasons (September)

2013 Moose Seasons  (September to December)

2013 Black Bear Seasons  (August to November)

2013 Wolf and Coyote Seasons  (all year in some areas)

2013 Game Bird Seasons  (September to March)

2013 Small Mammal Seasons (September to June)

2013 Furbearer Seasons (all year in some areas)

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