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C-COM has developed proprietary mobile self-pointing, auto deploy antennas that (while stationary) allows the delivery of broadband satellite Internet services into mobile environments virtually anywhere where you can drive.

The vehicle mounted antennas, which come in eight different sizes and interface with a large number of readily available satellite modems, mount easily on top of (or inside) vehicles creating a transportable VSAT platform.

Our satellite antenna systems are powered by standard 12 Volt DC car battery or from the local electrical grid. The auto deploy antenna can be activated with the simple push of a button or with click of the mouse. Once activated, it extends automatically in a few minutes, locks onto the selected satellite and delivers broadband mobile Internet access, VoIP and Video services anywhere in the world.

iNetVu® Auto-Deploy Antennas have been used around the globe supporting mobile operations that require broadband satcom in remote locations. Our transportable VSAT, vehicle mounted antennas provide 2-way high-speed Internet connectivity to a wide variety of users including:

- Military
- Police
- Fire
- Homeland Security
- Disaster Management
- Oil & Gas Exploration
- Mobile Medical Services
- Emergency Services
- SNG (Satellite News Gathering)
- Mining
- Construction
- Bookmobiles
- Mobile Offices
- Recreation Vehicles...and many more.

No matter when, no matter where, when your application requires "must have" connectivity, the iNetVu® can deliver.

General Norman Schwarzkopf's show features the iNetVu® as its latest topic in Satcom (Satellite Communications) Industry.
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