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Hughes 9502 FAQs
Off (wake on packet): < 10 mW (@ 12 Vdc) : What is the wake on packet? Is it sent over the air or is it sent locally from another device?

It is any packet from the local device
RS-232 (DB9) to external NMEA 0183-based GNSS device (e.g., GLONASS receiver) : Is the serial port strictly for this type of device or could we use it with other devices, such as Campbell Scientific’s CR1000?
This port is just for alternative GNSS devices
Can the unit send out SMS and/or e-mails under specific conditions (say, low power for example)?
When the unit is in low power (<1W), the unit is only receiving. When the unit sends an SMS or email, the transmit power can be up to 20W for the duration of the transmission.
For the RJ-45 port/Ethernet, does it support port forwarding and other advanced security options?
The 9502 uses a Basic NAT, so there is a one-to-one relationship between the local IP and the Global IP. All ports are open so you do not need port forwarding.
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